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Farmville Secrets Reviews -Face Book Farm Ville Game Guide ??


Farmville Secrets Reviews -Face Book Farm Ville Game Guide

What is the Farmville secret? Level up faster, win more ribbons, make more coins/cash, build a bigger farm, beat your friends at Farmville. There are many guides out there to expose these secrets and many more. Once guide that has gained great popularity is Farmville Secrets. But none of these guides truly help you with one problem players have mentioned over and over. And that problem is there is not enough time to play or plant or harvest or help neighbors or take care of livestock. Too much time is needed to really move up the levels in Farmville.

Farmville Secrets Reviews -Face Book Farm Ville Game Guide

What about automating Farmville so you earn coins and experience points and level up even when you are not physically playing Farmville? The Farmville Secret with FarmBot 2.1 is offering this automation and more. Many Farmville players may say there is no room for automation in this game. It takes the fun out of it. Others may say thank you to The Farmville Secret for taking the frustration out of the game. Whether the automation is good or bad depends on the view of each individual “farmer”.

The Farmville Secret offers more than an ebook like many of the other guides. Besides the FarmBot automation tool, there are step by step videos to show you how to use the FarmBot to automate planting, harvesting and helping neighbors.

“FarmBot 2.1 also has XP mode. What that does is it will automatically exchange coins for experience points. FarmBot is set up so that it will plant and plow one plot over and over again w/ extreme speed. Every time it does this, you gain experience points.”

Even though there is only an “s” that separates The Farmville Secret and Farmville Secrets, these products are very different in their approach to helping you get ahead in Farmville.

If you are looking for the Farmville secret (s) where you can learn the strategies and implement them yourself, then Farmville Secrets is an option. However, if you want to automate Farmville and reduce the time required to play, than take a look at The Farmville Secret with FarmBot 2.1. The Farmville Secret is about $3 more than most of the other Farmville guides including Farmville Secrets.

Remember, Farmville is a game that is supposed to be fun! As long as you are having fun, then explore your options of getting ahead. Most games have a winning goal and an end. If there was no way to win, why would anybody keep score or keep track of Farmville levels?

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