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Fiat 500 first drive | Consumer Reports


Fiat returns to the American market with the tiny 500. Consumer Reports took the Fiat 500 for a first drive and has its initial impressions. Find out more about the Fiat 500 and other small cars on our website: http://bit.ly/kSwuc8

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  1. @CarGuy1368 they will be, same with the Gucci Edition. We have to wait till around spring or so

  2. @tehepicmashimallow
    In the white tones are sooooo cool!! just wondering why they dont allowed us to get them in the sport version.Maybe they are reserved for the accesories sellers like BLACK

  3. Tom Mutchler you're a douch. Do an apples to apples comparison, not apples to oranges.
    The 500 gets better MPG than most SUBCOMPACTS in the SAME price range, and is a very well made, high quality automobile. Stop comparing this car to a much more expensive LUXURY car. It's obvious you are very bias to other mfgr's vehicles.
    You definitly have an underhanded motive here. What's the matter? Don't like Italian autos?
    Don't like the politics that brought this car to the U.S.?

  4. I know people who bought the most expensive Audi and had big problem from first day, warn your Audi friends:)

  5. This was posted almost a year ago. Is there a follow up long-term report by Consumer Reports as this video says there will be?

  6. The seats suck, the gas mileage is not really good (I got about 33mpg in 1500 miles during a rental of this car), the engine sounds good, but kind of a rough idle for a brand new car. The radio sucks with an ipod, the sun visors are pathetic, the handling is not really that great. Sport mode was fun but for $20k no way.

  7. As the author was saying, the Fiat 500 was designed for those who want one for more than fuel economy, but for personality. Yes i have a Smart, but this car is a huge attention getter for me also. If they prove to be worthy of the land, id consider one for a second car.

  8. I bought a 2012 Fiat 500C close to a year ago. I special ordered it due to wanting a standard shift and a convertible. I wanted the extras of the Lounge. I love the car. I live in Denver where many cars loose fuel economy as well as power. I now have 8K miles on the car and just drove to Las Vegas. The ride was better than the Rav4. The gas mileage averaged between 41-45 mpg. Plus this was driving across the Rocky Mountains where elevation reaches over 11,000 feet at 60-85 mph!

  9. I know someonevehicle bought the Gucci model loves her 500. So, another reason not to believe CR.

  10. Utterly amazing and supremely disappointing to me that auto reviewers don't even mention that the Fiat 500 is sold without a standard spare tire. Fiat has joined other automakers in eliminating the spare tire to meet CAFE standards — an appalling and, IMO, dangerous trend. And an alarming number of compliant, complicit consumers simply (and simple-mindedly) accept the trend as a done deal and fait accompli.

    I LOVE and WANT the Fiat 500!

    . . . with a standard spare tire and jack, Fiat! PLEASE!

  11. I love how everyone who's commented on this video completely disagrees with all the bad things CR said about this car 🙂 I think the biggest problem with this review is that they forgot to take into consideration that the Fiat 500 is a hot hatch. It's not supposed to be roomy, comfortable, and have a smooth ride. It's designed so that it's neat, colourful, and super fun to drive.

  12. i dont think their is room in the car to fit a spare safely , i own a smart and i dont have a spare cause there is no where to put it except inside the cabin

  13. The FIAT 500 is an A segment and the MINI is a B segment. In other words, the 500 is a city car the MINI is a super mini. The 500 is a lot faster round a European city than a MINI and if you want a truly nibble 500, get the diesel 1.3 16v MultiJet gives 56 mpg urban and 85 extra-urban. The 500 is more than just a car in Europe its a style icon too.

  14. theelecwizrd, American engineers purposely designed the Fiat 500 without room for a spare tire . . . *inside the trunk*. You can order an optional spare that will be mounted under the car — totally unacceptable to me. The European models are equipped with a spare inside the trunk. WTF, USA?! IMO, ALL cars should come with a spare tire *as standard equipment* (as they did in the "good, old days").

    Anyway, thank you for your response.

  15. Had a 2001 Saturn SL—1.9 L and 5 speed. Used to get 48—yes that is correct–mpg on the highway– and it had a spare tire. Was an excellent car. But GM doesn't make them anymore—that is progress???? The Fiat is a neat looking car,.but lets see how it holds up.

  16. My Fiat Pop gets an average of 42 mpg… hwy and city.(long hwy only trips I get upwards of 44) I love this car.

  17. Way off CR!
    Very fun car.
    I have a 2013 500c Lounge.
    This reviewer is your typical LAZY driver. A fun car to drive means you have to work the gears and feel the road. This car does this!
    Most modern cars drive themselves, BORING! No road feel, no working the gears and so many drivers are scared to put the RPM gauge above 3500.
    This little beast just gets going at 3500 and wants more. Europeans drive their cars differently, and this car proves it. Driving should be FUN!

  18. The guy's face, tone and choice of words… Go do a SUV review if you don't like the car. I'm sorry you don't get it, though, it's a cool car.

  19. Skip the Pop and get the Abarth the most fun you can have in a car <25K
    Turbo will put the MPG at 24-27 but its worth it. Intoxicating exhaust note!

  20. Paid $11,500 for a "new" 2013 Pop (1500miles on it), under normal driving I get over 50mpg's on highway cruising at 60-65mph.. I think consumer reviews have this wrong with mpg's. if you don't have a lead foot it's comparable to a diesel car (VW's TDI) fuel economy. I bought this because of the entry price and its style fits well in South Florida.

  21. The Fiat 500 is a pretty neat little car! I recently reviewed a 500 Pop and, soon after, a 500c Abarth! The Abarth's engine note is just irresistible and just makes you want to dive into the throttle just to hear more engine growl. Fiat could definitely optimize the engine a lot better since the more fuel efficiency oriented Pop trim, gets fuel economy very similar to many Mid-sized sedans, today in 2016.

    The Fiat 500 is a very good choice, if you want a fairly fuel efficiency, nimble, and easy to maneuver sub-compact hatchback. While, I believe the Fiat 500c Abarth is the epitome of budget performance! Especially, when riding with the top down!

    Keep up the great work, Consumer Reports!

    "The Quest To Record The Best!"

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