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Film Review: Bloody Reunion (aka Seuseung-ui Eunhye)


This South Korean film is in the genre of the French thriller HAUNTE TENSION in that it is a psychological horror film with both a serial killer at one end and a disturbed main character at the other. Although a flawed film (just like HAUNTE TENSION) it does try its best to present fully developed characters amongst the group of former classmates who have a reunion for their seemingly beloved teacher of Elementary school.

Secrets begin to unbury themselves when each one of the students realize that they all have a reason to have their teacher and/or see her dead. The group of former classmates is made up of individuals who because of a traumatic experience in school have grown up to become damaged adults. It’s interesting the way in which screenwriter Se-yeol Park crafted the intricate details of each of the characters especially for the teacher herself who harbors the secret of a disfigured child whom she has kept locked up in the basement. It is this child who one by one begins killing off each of the students in grisly fashion. If there is one overwhelming flaw in the film it is the killer himself who is uninteresting and epitomizes everything that is wrong with the slasher subgenre. This is all for naught at both Park and director Dae-wung Lim have lots of twists and turns for the finally act of the film that took me by surprise. The twist ending is similar to that of HAUNTE TENSION but unlike that film it fits perfectly fine in the story crafted and doesn’t take away from the enjoyment in the slightest bit.

What this film doesn’t have is the sheer bombastic qualities that make HAUNTE TENSION such a tense experience. South Korea is definitely trying to break into the mainstream horror market and this is a great example of what they can do and what is to come in the future.

By Kevin L. Powers

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