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Fist Fight – Movie Review


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The time honored tradition of meeting up after school to fight….only this time, it’s 2 teachers. Here’s my review of “Fist Fight”!

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  1. There were moments in this film that made me laugh but not massively. The main part was when he was on stage. Hilarious

  2. I personally thought this one of the funnier comedies I've seen so contrary to what you said basically.

  3. I just saw it and I thought it was alright but mostly dumb. I felt like there was a lot of stuff that was not needed. Have they toned the movie down a little maybe it would have been better.

  4. Dude, I looooved this movie! Didn't expect to laugh so hard. I was totally invested

  5. Fist fight is a ripoff of 3 O'clock high except with teachers instead of students

  6. Hated it. Not the movie itself, but the characters are so unlikable, it reaches "project x" levels of irritation and bad taste.

  7. This movie was so fucking amazing the rotten tomatoes meter don't know wtf they're talking about

  8. My only criticism. Get rid of the stupid guy reading out everything that happens from the script. It's annoying, unnecessary, and stupid. Not to mention it ruins some of the comedic moments in this movie, including the bloopers. I was waiting for Ice Cube to break into a random room, find this asshat on the mic, and break his freaking neck.

  9. Lol I never knew (Ice cube) real name is ice cube lol some person didn't know how to do their job right the only FKEN thing he had to do is O'Shea Jackson So hard

  10. My biggest problem with the film is Ice Cube's character motivation. (spoilers I guess) He spends the whole movie saying actions have consequences but refused to admit to destroying a desk with an ax then challenged guy who told the boss what happened to a fight.

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