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Flamingo WaterPark Resort Hotel review – Mr Medina


Bad Hotel Made Her Cry… Flamingo Waterpark Resort hotel review – You do not want to go there. I love water parks; I look for hotels with water parks and fun things to do – on site.
But I also want a nice hotel room, nice and clean amenities. At minimum good service and I do not want to leave the hotel to go out to eat when the hotel advertising that it has a restaurant to eat in house.
Maybe it is me, but I love all-inclusive hotel resorts. I enjoy staying in the hotel, enjoying the pool, hot tub, water park and all the hotel has to offer. I like staying at the hotel – it is part of the travel experience. Then again, it may just be me.

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Hotel Review: Flamingo Water Park Resort Hotel Review

The first thing I have to say is that I really wanted to cancel this hotel reservation the minute I arrived at the “waterpark resort”. But My family was on the way, the nieces visiting from new York were set on going to a waterpark and I decided that if I am going to give this hotel an honest review – I really do have to stay at the hotel.

The Bad:
Restaurant only open for breakfast and nothing to eat except what tiki-bar offers, which is not a lot.

The service is poor and workers are pulling what seems to be double duty – and most of them seem to do their work poorly (no interest and no desire) as you can see by the poor cleaning and poor maintenance.
The room light did not work, tv had issues, the iron was missing and so much more.

The water park was nice but dated and small, which become over crowded – it was full because they allow day visitors to come. So technically, you can come and enjoy the pool and water park without having to stay at the hotel.

It come just be me, maybe al you care about is having a bed to sleep in and a fairly nice water park to cool off in. Me, I like to enjoy the experience. I want to feel like I am being pampered, give me service, I mean good service. Make me feel like I matter and I will come again and I will tell everyone I know to come stay at your hotel. I did not get that from the flamingo waterpark resort – can you even call it a resort?

The Good:
Certainly not the price. For ten dollars more, I could have stayed at a much better hotel (now that burns). So I guess if all you really care about is having a hotel with a water park, you could say this hotel has that.

Other than that my advice is go somewhere else.

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  1. Okay now you make me want to cancel my reservation I'm traveling too far not to have a good time

  2. It was horrible , room disgusting. Shady as all get out! The slides were in terrible shape, I will never recommend this place EVER

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