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For Freelance Writers: Write for Pay Websites – Where to Find Them & Much More


For freelance writers, finding write-for-pay websites can be a full-time task. So, I wanted to share a few I ran across as I was tooling around the web recently, eg, HeliumKnowledge.com.

This site often pops up in the Google ads on my site, InkwellEditorial.com. So, I finally got curious enough to find out what it was all about.

Well — love it! It’s what I’d term a “personal experience site.” Users GET PAID to lend their opinion/expertise on a subject. Even if you choose not to write for this site, reading the first-hand information there can be invaluable in growing your business.

As one of the focuses of my site is writers, I went to this section and found a wealth of FIRST-HAND information on writing for pay sites, what freelancers should charge, the easiest way for a new writer to get published, etc.

A lot of the information and sites mentioned in this section I was well familiar with — I’ve been in the industry for almost 20 years — however, I ran across a few that I’d never heard of before, eg, LookingforClues.com, blotitive.com, paidwriter.com.

I’m well aware that for freelancers, even one new paying source can be the difference between getting a job and continuing to earn a living at home. So, check out this site.

A lot of the topics will be specific to the craft, however, there are many that give advice, offer feedback and tell of personal experiences on various topics related to the business of freelancing.

In my opinion, this site is well worth a bookmark!

By Yuwanda Black

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