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Ford Fiesta ST-3 *NEW* 2019 Owners review 0-60 mph launch control


What’s up guys

Today I do a review on the Ford fiesta 18.5MY ST3 1.5l Turbo 3 cylinder
0-60mph test, launch control test, walkaround, owners review and exhaust sound in all three modes (Normal, Sport, and Track)

This car is so much fun and I’m so pleased to be able to do this real world review after driving for 300 miles already

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  1. Great video! Exactly what I was after. I’ll be getting mine in the same colour. Currently own a focus st line in that grey. Currently obsessing over this little mighty fiesta! SUBSCRIBED

  2. Greate review! Thanks a lot:) You showed more than other reviewers like for example exhaust modes! πŸ™‚ Cheers!

  3. i wonder how much more power you could get out if this engine with a remap, with it been a 3 cylinder, i fear it may already be maxed out

  4. I ordered a Fiesta St. today same colour πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½ and Now Wait wait wait πŸ˜‚πŸ˜…

  5. Would have bought one if it were in the US… bought a new β€œ2018” Fiesta ST after getting rid of my last one.

  6. And maybe they gear it just a few miles per hour short so the number isn’t as close to a focus st πŸ˜‰

  7. I'll keep my 2018 1.6 liter four cylinder engine thank you very much, this cr is not as quick as they say it is mt 1.6 runs right with it and on top actually pulls ahead of it after 80 mph.

  8. It’s a nice car. Unfortunately it’s way too expensive. Configured one online and it is about 31.000€. That’s the price I’ve payed for my 2014 Seat Leon Cupra back then.

  9. I'm thinking of buying a used one in a year st3 with performance pack but worried about the launch control ie the clutch has it safeguards built in or will they be prone to going through clutches like mad? As u did 2 in the vid?

  10. Now that you have had the car for a while have the rattles got any worse? I'm a bit OCD on this and it could be a deal breaker for me.
    Assuming you have now done a few thousand miles by now, how do you rate it for build regarding creaks and rattles (including your sun roof that I rather like). I would greatly value your thoughts.
    Cheers for the informative video.

  11. Can't bare the look of the new models of ford apart from the mondeo older version look way better

  12. Hey! Very nice video. I'm very very close to going to the dealer tomorrow and ordering the ST after watching this video… Driving a mk7 100 hp now that is only 3 years old.. hmmm

  13. OMG – it looks like a Ford C-MAX 2010 from the back – that's a classic design boo-boo.

  14. Traded my mk7 st2 in for a mk8 st3 2 weeks ago after test driving it.im smiling all the way to work and back everyday it's that great a drive:)

  15. Very comprehensive and well done review, thank you! Don't despair over the lack of hitting 60 in 2nd though as shorter gearing makes cars more fun so it was a brave & commendable decision by Ford to disregard the arbitrary numbers game. Enjoy your great car πŸ™‚

  16. Not bad a ford. Looks like there coming back from the days of the xr2 and the xr2i

  17. Hello do you still have this car a year later and are you still happy with it. I was thinking of getting this car it’s 14500 now for the same red and colour as this vid. I’m also looking at the focus ST. Thanks.

  18. When was the first registered MK8 ST in the UK? My ST3 was registered 31st July 2018 so even earlier than yours. Great vid by the way

  19. Rattles and squeaks from new thats why i got rid of my MK7 ST 2,all them rattles got worse,then the brakes stated to get real squeaky too and for the price of this new MK8,not one bit of sporty trim inside except them seats,like that they finally gave us a sunroof in this one though!
    I have test driven 2 of these and the seats are too tight for me too,dull interior all dark and gloomy why FORD?

  20. So I remember watching this video a year ago and wanting an ST.

    Well last Friday I finally got my hands on one and wow what a car.

    So much fun, picked up the Performance Pack based on what you and others said and yeah that LSD can really feel it on corners.

    What’s your opinion on launch control? I’ve not tried it yet because the sensible driver in me is thinking of that poor clutch and tyres lol

    So yeah thanks for videos πŸ‘

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