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Ford Kuga 2017 4K Arctic Adventure review – Car Keys


The Ford Kuga has always been one of the sportier family SUVs, but a little like the Fiesta we were starting to feel that it was long overdue for an update. Good news then, as Ford has unveiled a new version of the Kuga with bold new looks, plus new kit and new engine options.

Also new for this 2017 Kuga is the addition of a new ST-Line trim, which aims to capitalise on the car’s sportiness with a stiffer chassis and suspension setup for an even more dynamic driving experience.
We tested the new Kuga on the very snowy and very, very cold roads of Finland to find out what it’s like.

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In this review, we take an in-depth look at the interior of the Ford Kuga including its boot size, dashboard and back seats. We then run through performance, price and finish up with the all-important verdict – is the Ford Kuga a good car?

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  1. "Standard winter tyres". Well, nobody is using studded tyres on their own cars. If you need studs where you're going, a Kuga is the wrong car for the job.

  2. outstanding cinematography, this channel genuinely has some of the best reviews anywhere on youtube

  3. I hate that pretty much all these new Fords have giant thick A-pillars that create a massive blind spot

  4. Top of the range st line and Ford still don't use LEDs for the rear lights? C'mon Ford get with the times! Even a mid range Mondeo/Fusion has LED rears!

    ….on a side note, I can't believe this channel hasn't got more subscribers, it's by far one of the best for the quality of the reviews!

  5. Farmore better looking than the previous one. Ford had a really awesome looking Kuga 2 generations behind, then it completely screwed the design and now again the have nailed it

  6. Fabulous review, breath of fresh air (pardon the pun), like the structure of the review and not an annoying presenter for once ha, keep up the good work

  7. I'm starting to like the look of the new Kuga. It looks alot like the first Kuga which I drive and like:) Will maybe buy this one second hand in a few years

  8. Sorry guys, but I came across your reviews almost by accident! But being a keen car buff (and owner of several), I really like the way you put things across. So much better and more relevant to ordinary car buyers in the UK than other online motoring channels I could mention, and which have far bigger budgets. Anyway… diesel cars? I've always gone for diesel soft-roaders and SUV's because of the fuel economy and the torque. But there's a lot of talk (not torque) about how diesel cars are set to become far more expensive to run in the near to mid future in the UK.

    For example, London is already introducing an additional charge to drive all diesel engined vehicles within inner London. They now say diesels are 'probably' worse for the environment that we were originally told. Some say more poisonous than petrol engine equivalents. Then there's talk of higher road tax being introduced for diesels, higher insurance costs (why I've no idea), and prices at the pumps rocketing due to an additional tax levy the government are thinking of adding specifically on diesel fuel.

    Some motoring magazines and motoring clubs such as the AA, are even talking about how many thousands people could lose when it comes to selling or trading in a diesel engined vehicle over the next few years, and some sort of compensation scheme being considered for those who are currently buying new diesels.

    I'm currently looking to spend around £30,000 on a new AWD or 4×4. So the question I'm stuck with, is do I ignore diesel engines or not? I'd be interested to know your thoughts are on the subject, as some motoring journalists seem frightened of raising the issue. Presumably because of the 'beneficial relationships' some of them have with some of the car manufacturers and dealerships? Is Ford still doing the revamped Kuga with the 1.5 petrol unit, and if so, could I get one with AWD and an auto gearbox? Thanks for reading this ramble, and keep up the great reviewing. Great background music btw.

  9. I love the Kuga/Escape, reasonable size, full of technologies, and the most important thing, its very beautiful.

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