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Ford Mustang V8 Sports Car 2017 review | Mat Watson Reviews


2017 Ford Mustang 4K review – Mat Watson

The Ford Mustang is an affordable sports coupe with an addictive soundtrack – get Mat Watson’s verdict with our full 4K review.

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  1. In the US, the mustang is everywhere. It's just so cheap, and for its price its a bargain. However, Ford and Lincoln have gotten better at this over the years but the quality needs to improve. I'm not going to sit in a car that's filled with plastic, especially when its worth 35000

  2. And if you hit anything harder than a block of butter it'll fold up like a piece of paper. These things in a crash are literally lethal

  3. Look one reason for solid axle is durability and is supposedly better for drag racing. It's not like it took Ford that long to figure it out.

  4. Look, no one buys American muscle for interior. This car comes with forged internals and is capable of handling forced induction (turbo or supercharger) on stock motor for up to 850hp safely. If u notice to have lots of luxury, the car starts getting heavy. A true petrol head doesn't like heavy cars and want power.

  5. Alot of the exterior design cues and overall shape seem to be applied to the new bentley continental gt. And 0 to 60 is the same too. Guess this is the poor mans bentley gt.

  6. Trust me, I love a car to look good on the inside but fuck off with all that plastic shit because it doesn't look like a Mercedes, or Audi from the inside. It is pretty decent inside and that's all I care about.

  7. Kind of the point of the mustang shitty interior to offer more power while still saving money over other sport cars

  8. You got to take a moment to appreciate that level of laziness, they didn't bother to mold a new cup holder so they left the left hand drive version in Right handed model.

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