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Forsen Reacts to Making $200 Daily playing Habbo Hotel, Skyrim Anniversary, bad game reviews


Previously, on Reactsen’s stream-watching stream: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nDdn6A7uCz8&list=PLjtAqDpZA-XrSFqknZrd6TBsmX9UCrZz_

Forsen reacted to a whole lot of different videos this time around. He started off by mostly skipping Limbo of the Lost: The Greatest Bad Game review. He didn’t find the person reviewing it interesting but pointed out that the game could be fun and LIDL. He then watched Skyrim – 7 Year Anniverary video. Of course, Forsen was in the middle of a modded Skyrim playthrough at the time. The most interesting video Forsen watched was undoubtedly the one explaining how it was possible to make $200 or more daily by playing a game called Habbo Hotel. Forsen also admitted that he had scammed some people in the past which his chat seemed to ignore next stream, LULW . Finally, he reacted to Zero Punctuation Wolfenstein: Youngblood review which the chat seemed to dislike but Forsen seemed to enjoy at the same time. Enjoy!
(If you’re reading this, know that it takes me longer to write these descriptions every single time than actually making videos LULW)

Want to see more reactions, highlights & moments compilations from Forsen? Check out this playlist I made: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjtAqDpZA-XrSFqknZrd6TBsmX9UCrZz_ 🙂

Original videos here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vH8k-SUhUoI – Limbo of the Lost: The Greatest Bad Game by MandaloreGaming, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kotPSqVp4uU – Skyrim – 7 Year Anniversary by 2kliksphilip, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ARx93JDEaw – How I made 200$ daily playing Habbo Hotel by Warlord Xecc, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BZEy3IugZto – Wolfenstein: Youngblood (Zero Punctuation) by Escapist
Forsen’s twitch channel: twitch.tv/forsen

This twitch reaction compilation has been edited carefully by yours truly. If you’d like to see more, you know what to do 😉
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  1. SCAMAZSEN WutFace
    Also, the fact that chat is haHAA'ing Yahtzee… yikes, imagine being born in 2005 LULW
    So much content in one video that no one else but bajs will find this video in their recommendations but in case you're unfamiliar with the Forsen Reacts playlist, click here:

  2. Demonetized again? Feelsbadman

    I hope youtube will cease to exist with its bias treatment, political agendas, and its stupid broken system.

  3. I played that shit as a kid (10yo) so much I never made money via selling them (cause I didn't even know that was a thing) but I used to scam everyone in my "mini games" where you had to deposit fees to play (promise was the winner gets all deposited fees), and I just wanted to become one of the richest people on the German servers without ever spending any money on it (because I couldn't),
    I started off begging for a coin and from there I either traded or gambled(scammed) my way up, and while I did some of the tricks in the video my main thing was that game where you would get on chairs, in the end I would just kick everyone that didn't get a chair therefore at the end only the winner was left that I would then not kick but ban out of my room, so all the people kicked didn't even know they got scammed and came back for trying again. It was one of the games where you needed lots of patience but it paid off pretty good since you scam multiple people at once.

    But because I used a shitty Yahoo mail back then, and they ask you for a security question to recover your old account (which I obviously just button smashed as a kid) I can't login any more FeelsBadMan

  4. I'm confused, why does 90% of chat times cringe at Yahtzee?
    Does he use too many metaphors and big words for them to understand or?

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