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Fox Rent A Car Reviews and Ratings


Fox Rent A Car information posted online from customers and their experiences with the rental car company. Please visit us at- https://www.facebook.com/Foxrentacarcomplaints and https://twitter.com/#!/Fox_Exposed

Category: Car Rental
Los Angeles Airport
5500 W Century Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90045
Neighborhood: Westchester / LAX
(800) 225-4369

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  1. Cheap, ya right! My bill was double what I thought it was going to be and still can't understand why. They totally mislead me into thinking I would be spending less, should have stuck with Thrifty.

  2. Worse car rental anywhere! Staff are rude and the cars are junk! They are NOT located in the airports – false advertising! Good luck with resolving the hidden fees too! This company needs to be put out of business. AWFUL!!! Just try calling their customer service or corporate – they hang up on you and if you are able to leave a number, they never return calls. Horrible 🙁

  3. Do not rent from this company. I don't have time to write out the whole story here but it starts with them not having a car available for me that was prepaid. Yes prepaid. Then add in a 2 hr delay in shuttling to their miserable off airport location and waiting in line while utterly incompetent and rude employees take approx 20 min to process each customer. After wasting an hour watching this trainwreck of an operation only to learn my car wasn't available (even finding that out took at least 5 min for the "manager" to check…check a small parking lot 10 steps away). Another "manager" met me on way out to apologize and said he would make it up to me. Uhh how? Went back to airport. Had to pay alot extra to get comparable car on the spot. Upon return from my trip I was promised a refund of course but even getting that has been a major hassle. Just try calling one of their customer service numbers. Heck you cant even get anyone to answer the one in Lauderdale nor can I get a return call from the manager there or anyone else at corporate. Just a mess from top to bottom. Yes rates are cheap but there is no way in the world its worth it to try to save a few buck with this outfit


  5. My wife booked a rental from Fox Rent a Car San Diego through their website for $85. Taxes and fees included. This was a week before our trip. When we didn't get a confirmation email, I called their customer service the night before our trip and was given a confirmation number and a price of $87.78. After traveling all night we boarded their bus and got to their off site location only to be told our reservation was cancelled. And offered us a 2 level downgrade with an increase in price of $35.
    Their customer service was of no help. Buyer Beware! Stay away from Fox Rent a Car.

  6. Fox Rental Car July 15, 2016 – Waited 2 1/2 hours standing in line with 20 others at Seattle airport. No one would tell us what the problem was and we missed 2 business meetings and lost $$$$! Rude guy named "Matt" finally said he would have to take my credit card to back and call it in manually because computers were down (that took 30 min. alone) . He never once offered an apology, explanation, discount or looked at me!!!! He told me they would be giving me a "comparable" vehicle which was nothing like the Jeep Cherokee we had rented. Folks were all mad and their lack of caring only made it worse. The car was a basic plain jane with not enough room for our luggage.

    Computer glitches I understand but their lack of customer service makes me know I won't be a returning customer!

    Trust me these guys will waste your time and aren't the least expensive so go elsewhere!

  7. Fox is pretty much a scam rental car company. They are a nightmare to work with . . . rarely have the car that you reserve available at pick-up (which maybe isn't such a big deal if you are just reserving a sedan). Imagine reserving a mini-van and them trying to pawn off a compact car – and then trying to do so for the same price.

    Or, when they do have the car you reserved, which you reserved because the price looked too good to be true, don't actually count on them charging you that price.

    Add in all the other headaches and lousy customer service . . . waiting for ever to get to their site due to their one "driver" isn't "in that day" . . . or plan on arriving 4 hours before you flight because once you turn your car in . . . relying on them to get you to the airport for your flight may be an hours long wait.

    In the end, you won't actually save any money – after they scam your reservation and don't honor the price. Then the frustrating hassles of working with their brain dead employees who don't care about anything except their next "smoke break", or the beat up car with 3/4 of a tank of gas, or the waiting forever for the shuttle to get your car, or the biggest nightmare – missing your outbound flight because it took 2 hours from the time you arrived to drop off your car to actually get dropped back off by them to your terminal.

    Fox Rental Car is a scam – you'd be smarter just sending them the "quoted" price and then renting a car from a real company . . . at least then in your mind you can make believe you rented a car for less and don't have to live the headache that is Fox Rental Car.

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