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Free Movie Now – Review


When I first heard of Free Movie Now – I thought to myself … download movies for free, unlimited movie downloads, unlimited music downloads including Free Bonuses! For a price less than $50 a year! Is this possible?

I am here to tell you the absolute truth!  Yes!  It is possible! I personally ordered the Free Movie Now product and not only found it to be fantastic – but I can now cancel my subscription to Netflix – which cost me $19.95 a month!  That’s 239.40 a year! And it only costs about $45 a year! That’s a savings of almost $195 a year!

Registration is a breeze. And Once you become a member – you simply download and install their software – it’s very easy! – And within minutes of installation – you will be searching for full length movies, full tv downloads, free mp3’s, free games and even free software downloads! They have a terrific selection of DVD quality movies for you to download as well as a very sizeable library of MP3’s, Games and Software + much more!

Within minutes of installation – I downloaded 5 full length movies and then I copied them all to 1 dvd using the dvd movie burning software included free with the package! They also supply you with step-by-step instructions on how to do everything – from installing the program to using it! Also included are step-by-step instructions on how to burn dvd movies. They offer manuals, tutorials and a very useful quick start guide for easy setup. Customer service is also accessible 24/7.

Free Movie Now has access to an amazing 12 Billion files and over 30 Million users world-wide! And, unlike other p2p file sharing programs – you are not required to share any files whatsoever!

The full length movies and full tv downloads offered through Free Movie Now are dvd quality movies. They offer literally thousands and thousands of full length movies, full tv downloads, unlimited music downloads, games, software and much more! You can burn up to 5 movie files per DVD.

Included with the package are many FREE bonuses including – Spyware Remover, Antivirus Protection, Firewall Protection, DVD/CD Burner, Registry Repair,  Download Accelerator, Mp3 Player, PDF Reader/Writer, Video Player, Internet TV, 100 Premium Channels, DVR Recorder, CD to Mp3, Unlimited Music Downloads and Unlimited Movie Downloads. They also include these FREE eBooks: eBooks: Flash for newbies, Internet for newbies, iPhone for newbies, iPod and iTunes for newbies,  Download and watch movies for newbies and Wii for newbies. 

And to top it all off – the file downloading times are blazingly fast! No more waiting hours or even days for movies to download like other programs! With Free Movie now – try only minutes!

This is an absolute must buy program! I am so pleased with it! You will be too! I guarantee you will not be disappointed! If you want top rated dvd quality movies, unlimited movie downloads – full tv downloads including unlimited music downloads at blazing fast speeds – with the ability to copy all of these files to DVD/CD – then this program is for you! And don’t forget – you can also get Free software + all the extra bonuses!  All for less than $50 a year!

You may access Free Movie Now here: http://www.allsitecafe.com/freemovienow.html

By paris anderson

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