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We live in a time where people have begun to live in free union more and more. They do this for many reasons.

Some swear that it has made their relationship stronger because they choose to be together without the need of the marriage license. Others acknowledge that it can cause a feeling of less security.

Couples say they are cohabiting without being married for a variety of reasons. Some do it for the convenience of being able to see each other more.

Others do it because they have had bad marriages in the past and they want to test the their relationship before tying the knot again.

Then there are the ones that just want to test their relationship out before making any commitment for no other reason than that.

So is it wise for a couple to live in free union? Do they really make their relationship stronger by doing so? We need to look at some information that actually says it is not good to cohabit prior to marriage.

The studies actually prove couples are better off to wait until after they are married to live together.

Other than the fact that premarital sex is a sin there are other main reasons not to live together before being married. Some of these reasons are listed below along with explanations and statistics.

1 – It has been reported that a couple that cohabits together prior to being married are less likely to get married to one another. Forty percent of the people that live together without the benefit of marriage will breakup before ever marrying.

2 – Even if these couples wind up marrying they have a higher rate of getting separated and/or divorced. This fact was reported in the Journal of Marriage and Family. This journal stated that the couples that lived together prior to marriage had an astounding 50 percent higher rate for disruptions in their marriage than those that did not. Reports from studies done in several universities report these rate to be 50% to all the way to 100% higher.

One study has reported that the divorce rate is higher for those that lived together before marriage opposed to the couples that did not. Also that the longer these couples did live together before getting married the risk of divorce was even higher.

3 – The observation of 10 studies on cohabitation showed that the couples that did it without marriage did not have as high a quality of a marriage than those that waited. They also had a higher right of the marriage dissolving. It also showed that these couples that lived with each other without being married had more marriage counseling, separate more, and did not hold marriage in as high of regard, as the couples that waited to be married to live together.

4 – Some of the studies showed that the people cohabiting prior to marriage have a higher rate of arguing and even violence. Couple tend to be not as positive and more negative in these relationships when trying to solve disputes with one another. There is also more aggressive verbal behavior in these couples due to poor communication skills.

As you can see by this information it is better to wait until after marriage to live together.

By Delta F

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