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Fruit Ninja Kinect – Downloadable Review – Platform32


Fruit Ninja Kinect is a frantic fun arcade style kung fu em up for Microsofts Kinect on the Xbox 360. In this review which features gameplay footage, Ian asks the all important question “Can you cut fruit in half with your arse”…sigh. Press play to find out if you can!

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  1. Great job, I was deciding whether to get it or not. Could you do Toy Soldiers: Cold war next?

  2. @Tdafanclub I have the lite version just so I could compare the two, I think the Kinect version is better 🙂

  3. You know what scary. When you are playing this (or watching it in my case) and your parents are screaming certain words. "SMACK MY MELONS" yeah it's a weird family.

    I forgot to ask last time, will you be doing a review of MW3 and BF3 without comparing them like it seems everyone is doing now, who can't enjoy both of them only one of them. Such small minded people..xD

  4. @DeanGetYourWings Hehe! That does sound slightly…disturbing! I may do reviews of Battlefield 3 and MW3, the only thing is I probably wont get any early copies for these games and the chances are everybody in the whole world will be buying and reviewing them as well so it may just be more beneficial to review a smaller game that might be a good alternative! If I do review them I promise to keep the comparisons to a minimum!

  5. @PlatformThirtyTwo
    It's fine if you don't review them i was just wondering 🙂
    I look forward to any review you do anyway as they are all great. About the comparison, i was been a little sarcastic as id like to here witch one you perfer after playing them both i was just somewhat saying im sick of every video that has something to do with one of those games you have legions of people saying the other is knaff ect ect its the internet of course xD so just ignor me on that. Speak your mind 😀

  6. @DeanGetYourWings Hahaha! No, thats a perfectly acceptable thing to want to know, so no worries there. At the moment, without playing either of them, I have to say I am most excited about Battlefield 3 though. I preferred Bad Company 2 and the trailers coming out of Gamescom are insane! In terms of being a better game, I think Battlefield will beat COD, but in terms of sales I think COD will win just because of it's insanely huge fan base 🙂

  7. @PlatformThirtyTwo
    Don't think i could say better my self. Im not sure which im looking forward to the most as im longtime fan of both series back when they both were out on the PC's only but im hoping Battlefield 3 is a nice return to the more online focused game. This time im hoping Modern Warfare can make a map i enjoy, and with 20 maps in the making it looks possible.

  8. @DeanGetYourWings I was just saying the other day that I didn't like any of the on disk CODBLOPS maps. Except for maybe Nuketown 😀

  9. @PlatformThirtyTwo
    Yeah again i agree. I havent played an DLC maps but Nuketown is great fun like Shipment was on COD4. But if i also only like one map from the disk maps from MW2 also that was the Airport map. But some of the DLC maps were funky.

  10. @DeanGetYourWings Yeah i', intersted in a lot of the DLC maps for CODBLOPS but they are so expensive I don't really think they are worth the price…

  11. Hey man great review as always. This looks really fun, the type of game made for the kinect although your rite the pprice is abit to much the fact this is like 99p (i think) on mobiles makes it kind of ridiculous maybe 400 points. Have you seen angry joe's review of this? At the beginning of the review he chops a real watermelon in half with a real sword wile dressed as ermac from MK its bad ass

  12. @daveKoRnfan Lol! No, i've not seen his review, i'll check it out now! You can get Fruit Ninja lite for free on most mobiles so the prices is a bit high – 400 msp would have made it an essential purchase!

  13. please answer this question: Is it even Possible to play this game offline? I have tried several times and I cant seem to get it to work. I cant get xbox live where I live so I think I just got ripped off. D:

  14. @iRish1e There is a way to play stuff offline that you have downloaded online. I'm sure Microsoft released an update to fix that but I can't really remember. Can anyone else help?!

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