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FULL NBA 2k17 PS3/360 Review (Last Gen VS Next Gen Comparisons + Gameplay)


Is it worth the full price? Is it worth it? Find out lol.

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Hope you enjoyed this NBA 2K17 PS3 Gameplay Review! Will be doing PS4 and PS3 gameplay if your wondering lol

Next gen is insanely fun! This is the epic trliogy

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  1. Nooooo I ask my cousin could she but me that abd she said yes now its too late ? ?

  2. People ain't got the money to be buying ps4s and shit.

    I got this for my PS3 and I'm fine, it's still a 2k game even tho it looks like the super updated version of 2k14.

  3. I really like 2k on the last gen but, Ronnie 2k is just recycling the same game every year for last gen players. Even though I play on the ps4 now I used top play on the 360, I still think last gen deserves better.

  4. Ima xbox360 user and I get mad when people complain about NBA 2k17 on Next Gen saying it's the same game smh ?

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