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Gadget Review 2016 Apple iPhone 6S Plus Gold


I don’t usually like really big phones. I want phones that can fit in my hand. But last year I switched from an iPhone 6 to 6 Plus , to see what difference it made it my life. Its advantages turned out to be really useful: a bigger battery, a larger screen with higher resolution. And I realized, when I switched back to an iPhone 6, that optical image stabilization made a difference, too…sometimes.
I missed the surer, clearer pictures in low light that the Plus gave in a pinch in darkened press rooms during live events. (For better or worse, that’s the sort of place where I need good smartphone photography in a pinch.)
And yes, I came to love the Plus for its pro-type features, and even for its near-tablet feel. For videos, and games. But as a normal phone, its size never seemed truly comfortable to me.
Just like last year, the new iPhone 6S Plus and iPhone 6S are nearly similar except for a few key advantages on the larger model. The Plus gets you a 5.5-inch display instead of the 4.7-inch one of the iPhone 6S. And while the Plus’s camera sensor and resolution is identical to that on the smaller iPhone, it adds optical image stabilization, which can deliver more blur-free photos in certain light conditions (especially if you’re zooming). Unlike last year’s Plus, that stabilization works when shooting videos, too. And you get a bigger battery that lasts just a bit longer. It costs more, but its perks are worth it if you’re a mission-critical user of your phone camera.

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