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Gadget Review 2016 Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge ( silver titanium)


Here’s the phone you should buy right now: This one. What catapults the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge to such heights? Is it the excellent camera, the beast of a battery, the expandable storage or the seductive design that’s worth more than the sum of its parts? Yes, and more. This phone kicks the already-fantastic (just slightly smaller) Galaxy S7 up a notch with a bigger battery and that wraparound design on both sides that never fails to draw me deeper into whatever I’m viewing or doing.
Everything about the 5.5-inch S7 Edge excels from the inside out, and Samsung has refined the extra navigation software that dresses up the screen’s physical curves. There are of course a few minor drawbacks — there’s no such thing as a perfect device — but something about it feels more organic than your garden-variety phone, more complete. If you’ve ever seen one of Samsung’s curve-screen phones before, such as the S6 Edge, S6 Edge+ and Note Edge, you know what I’m talking about.
Navigating the Edge
I liked being able to jump into the edge display navigation from any screen, without having to go back to the start screen as you would normally have to do. This was an easy way to reach out to a favorite contact and my most-used app.
At first, it’s fun to hit the nine-tab ceiling and try them all, but pretty soon I realized that if I didn’t know exactly which pane I wanted, I wasted more time looking for it than if I had just gone to find the thing I wanted from the home screen in the first place. Three or four of these add-ons hit the sweet spot.
Also, some panels that I’d want just don’t exist yet, because the companies haven’t made plugins.

Monster battery life, bigger size
Battery life was killer in our lab tests, which measure video playback time: almost 20 hours on average, compared to the S7’s already astounding 16-hour average.
Minor drawbacks
As the S7 Edge shares the S7’s triumphs (clear 12-megapixel camera, smooth-running processor), it also shares the S7’s drawbacks: slightly plastic-looking selfies, a bastion of finger grease you’ll have to constantly wipe away and a non-removable battery, which was expected, but whose presence would check the final box of most-wanted features.

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