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Gadget Review – Episode 49 – Samsung HT-H7750WM Home Entertainment System


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The HT-H7750WM home entertainment system is Samsung’s latest attempt to introduce an even cinematic Blu-ray movie watching experience in your living room. The HT-H7750WM includes a SMART 3D Blu-ray player and 5 speaker 7.1 channel sound system, it features two vacuum tube amplifiers to produce HD sound quality and has DTS: Neo Fusion II which is exclusively available on Samsung Blu-Ray players only to create a virtual 9 channel surround sound.

The Samsung HT-H7750WM retails at RM2999 in Malaysia and is available in home consumer electronic retailers nationwide.

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  1. Do you guys happen to know why this Home Theater does not have 3D Sound Plus? I mean, is DTS NEO Fusion better than 3D  Sound Plus?

  2. I've recently bought this stereo. Overall it is a good stereo system except there is no way you can connect headphones. That because it doesn't have any audio outputs….not even the HDMI output transmits audio because the sound is played through it's own speakers and not the TV. A headphone jack or RCA audio outputs or very least a HDMI out with audio, should be as standard as having a "play" button. 

    Also the Samsung app to control the stereo only works on selected few Samsung phones….no other Androids phones and it is unclear which Samsung phones can use the app.

  3. can i listen to mp3's from my samsung phone on the 7.1 speakers wirelessly, or do I have to connect a 3.5mm audio jack ?

  4. Thanks for the video. I bought this system a few days ago and there are two things that I'd like to ask.

    1. Weird enough I could not find a way to have my TV playing its regular channels on directly on the system using the ARC HDMI port of my TV. I have not tried an optical cable as the HDMI should work. The manual says I have a "TV sound on" hotkey on my remote control that would make the TV sound come out through the system's speakers, but this hotkey is nowhere to be found. Were you able to make the TV plays through these speakers at all?

    2. Every single time I turn on the system, the rear speakers are disconnected and I need to sync their wireless signal again. I can live with that but it's seems odd to me that they don't connect automatically. Or do they? Is that normal that I need to sync the wireless receiver every time I turn the system on?


  5. This system is good but every time i play Bluray discs or DVD's it freezes i than have to turn the system off/on again than after about 10 mins it happens again very annoying ! does anyone have this problem or know a solution ?

  6. dialogue seems very poor and muffled, how can I make the dialogue nice and clear?, is it something to do with the equaliser settings

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