Home Gadget Review Galaxy S5 vs HTC M8, Windows Phone 8.1 review, & Engadget’s Brad Molen! – Pocketnow Weekly 092

Galaxy S5 vs HTC M8, Windows Phone 8.1 review, & Engadget’s Brad Molen! – Pocketnow Weekly 092


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Skipping listener mail for two weeks in a row? We know, we know … unconscionable. But we also know you’ll forgive us in exchange for two things: a packed review schedule, and an awesome podcast guest.

We’re bringing you both of those as the week winds down to a close. In addition to the usual news segment narrated by the soothing voice of Chief News Editor Stephen Schenck, we’ve got additional insights on Samsung’s new Galaxy S5: how it compares to its forebears, how well it fares against competition like the HTC One M8, and a debate on the merits of standout features like the fingerprint scanner and immersion resistance — all of it flavored with the unique perspective only Engadget’s Brad Molen can provide.

We also talk a lot about Windows Phone 8.1 and its place in the season’s smartphone landscape, before briefly touching on the Oppo Find 7a — the only real reason Taylor Martin has for being on this particular episode. In retrospect, maybe we should have left him alone to finish his comparison. Sorry, T.

All this, plus some of the weirdest outtakes ever to spill from our word-holes, on episode 092 of the Pocketnow Weekly! So fire up your favorite podcast app and get to downloading: Mister Phone Wisdom is here, and he doesn’t like to be kept waiting.

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Pocketnow Weekly episode 092

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Android (00:06:21)

Samsung teases new form factor for next Galaxy Note

Galaxy S5 Zoom teased to launch April 29 as Galaxy K

One PlusOne sales to be invite only

Phillips W6618: the smartphone with the tablet battery

Google to let you unlock your laptop with your smartphone

The new Google Camera app: finally, stock Android’s shooter stops sucking

Facebook introduces nearby-friends alerts

iOS (00:42:31)

iPhone 6 front panel leaked?

Apple and Shazam working to bring song identification to iOS?

Marissa Mayer in negotiations to make Yahoo the default iOS search engine?

Feature: Galaxy S5 vs HTC M8, Windows Phone 8.1 (00:53:15)

Windows Phone 8.1 review discussion

Samsung Galaxy S 5: versus the competition, versus its predecessors


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  1. Wow so many useless comments. Also I think the m8 is so much nicer looking then the s5. Would rather use that as my daily driver. I just like the feel of a premium build quality phone. And its not packed with lots of useless features I will never use.

  2. I use swift key on android and it prompts that too. Don't think its sketchy. it might be that the word often follows that word and that's why it prompts it.

  3. Honestly, given that the phone is expensive the least they could is put a decent camera. When looking for a phone the first thing I think about (other than making calls) is the camera. I love pictures and I make book covers as a hobby. Nothing is more annoying to a photoshop lover than that. It's insulting, honestly.  Its good that they have loud speakers and metal body but that doesn't do anything for me because I use ear phones all the time I don't care for the refrigerator look. The camera is crap but thank god for that metal body. lol

  4. can you talk about why cortana wont work while on wifi this problem is across the whole lumia line up

  5. I never use the front camera on my HTC or any Phone – which is why HTC didn't think a decent front camera necessary. HTC listen to peoples needs, unlike Samshit. Respecting your effort with HTC guys. 

  6. +Pocketnow  kindly do a live coverage and review of oneplusone, if the compay can deliver what they are promising, this phone ticks all the right boxes, the camera, the display, the specs and the price

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