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Game of Thrones: The Board Game Review


Game of Thrones: The Board Game Review

Intro (00:00); game overview (02:00); final thoughts and review (25:58);

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Original score by Ramin Djawadi.
Instrumentation sampled and re-mixed by Jason Yang.
Mix by Drive Thru Videos.

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  1. Been wanting to grab this one for a while, hesitated because of player count stuff (and because we're behind on both TV show/books).  Thanks for the review, Joel!

  2. My group loves this game

    When playing 4 we use the feast of crows expansion – it's a lot of fun and changes the game up nicely

  3. The only spoilers in the expansions I know are the starting positions of houses (hey why is BLANK up north now or BLANK down South) and house cards of people you probably don't know because you haven't read the books (spoiler: hey where is my Eddard Stark card)

  4. I will say Feast has become my preferred game now because of the objective card scoring mechanic.

  5. Great review thanks!

    I have a single problem with the game  – that map – awful! Too cluttered and white borders on dull background.

    Shallow I am 😀

  6. My friends and I love this game. We played a 6 player game on Tabletop Day where I was dealt House Martell, so I was stuck in the South forced to pledge allegiance to Houses Tyrell and Baratheon, who were flanking me. I let them spread themselves thin moving North for 6 rounds while quietly getting 5 castles myself. In the 7th round, my allies basically left 2 castles wide open right next to my areas (they left 1 castle wide open, the other had only 1 footman to defend), so I backstabbed them and literally walked in for the win. It was such a sweet, underhanded victory. I had a blast. 

  7. Great review. This is by far and away my favourite game, but then again I am totally obsessed with GoT. The game is just so incredibley thematic. It is definately better the more players you have as the diplomacy aspect becomes more important. I have played with 3 and enjoyed it, but it does become more of a standard area control war game, but it's still GoT so who cares, it's still brilliant.

  8. I loved your long walk-through, and found absolutely no reason for you to apologize about it. The game looks great, and I am happy to hear that you think the game works at every player count.

  9. Yeah, Corey down below nailed it: the only potential spoilers are in new house cards and different starting positions.

    There are two out right now, the first requires six players and updates house cards and starting positions to where they are in the fifth book, and is otherwise business as usual. 

    The second expansion is actually really cool, but is limited to four players. It adds house Arryn (with characters up to the fifth book) and changes the victory conditions. Instead of the race to gain seven castles or strongholds, there are now cards that are essentially quests. Each house has a unique victory point cards that are overt, which could trigger each turn if the requirements are met (i.e. hold castle/stronghold count X in addition to holding the Eyrie for house Arryn) which would net them one victory point. Then there are secret cards, which are dealt out four or five at the start of the game, of which players choose three. These are weighted for each house based on difficulty for that house, so for Stark to control the Arbor (down at the SE corner of the map) it will be worth more points if secured than for the Tyrells who start right near it. Once you complete one secret objective you draw a replacement, so you always have three.

    This second expansion REQUIRES four players, and still feels really thematic and similar to the base game, but it's also a nice change of pace from the scrabbling for keeps, and adds a bit of intrigue because you never quite know what your opponents are going for (other than their house's overt objective).

    If you only check out one, the four player variant expansion is a great choice. They're both print on demand and relatively cheap.

  10. I like the board.  The toned down colors make it look more like a real weathered map.  I have no issues with the visual appeal of the game.

  11. I hope that in the next version/edition that they make, they add in the Arryn and Targaryen Houses too. (Or at least the Arryn House.) and if they expand the map a little, they can add Essos so the Free cities, Volantis, and Dany (Targaryens) can also play a role. Just some ideas to throw out really.

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