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Game Review | Asphalt 7 Heat – Android


This video gives you an overview on the new Android game “Asphalt 7 Heat”.
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  1. Android version sucks. See the car? Looks like a toy. Youre in a bright sunny day an your car dont even have shadow/s. Gameloft must update this app for android users. If anyone has played fast 5 on android then play this youll get the feelling that fast 5 looks more pleasing than asphalt 7.

  2. Can anyone help me? I've played this game for a week and since today i got a problem, i can't drive the car because it seems to have a problem with accelerometer but if i play other games i play them without problems, anyone help me?

  3. hii..u can either re-install the game or there are other controller options which are independant of the accelerometer of ur phone…change that and continue playing…:)…Go to settings,then click on controls,choose the option D which is the best option….:)…

  4. Well, you can keep thinking that, except that Fast Five isn't a genuine attempt at creativity like Asphalt 7: Heat is. I play on a Samsung Galaxy S III, not exactly the most powerful 'Droid' device, but I can sure tell you pleasing has less to do with the quality of the graphics and far more to do with the design choices. And if you didn't notice by the review, this is clearly about the locales and cars in equal measure, and they've got the wonderfully cleaver level design down to a science.

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