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Game review – Just Dance 3 Xbox Kinect


I just got Just Dance 3 on kinect today. Played it for half an hour and was loving it so much i had to stop and do a review! (i wanted to keep playing actually!)
It is so much fun, the dance routines are a lot of fun and I think if you want to get it to help you exercise and burn calories, it will definitely help you do that, no doubt about it 🙂
Great job to the people who make this game! 😀

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  1. @Dizzaton neither can i! 🙂 im glad i dont get to see what i look like when im dancing to this game! haha… but yeah.. it is so much fun 😀 i cant wait to try a 4 person at once dance haha!

  2. i totally agree! 🙂 i love how in the JD series they dont highlight when you make mistakes, its all positive reinforcement and fun 😀

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