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GAME REVIEW – Kinect Star Wars (360)


I know I could have waited a little longer to upload this review, but I wanted to get it out as early as possible, since I am reviewing a very new game for once. I also want to release mine before Angry Joe does, who will most likely rip it apart.

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  1. My console is already set to English, so that's not the case. It says on my cover that the game is in Danish, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish. So no English for me.

  2. That is kind of true, but this game still is a cool new IP. You can pretend it's not Star Wars, and it's still enjoyable in my opinion.

  3. Ya I Do Love This Game but been Playing Other Games at the Mo XD But will Play this with My Sister on Pod Racing but the Jedi Quests gets Me Tired Easily XD

  4. Thanks. But I won't make any more game collection videos, because they aren't that fun to watch, and I tend to review the games I have anyways, so you aren't missing out anything.

  5. don't take it wrong
    im a star wars fan
    i loved jedi knight 2/acdemy
    and battlefront 1+2 and republic commando
    but this game doesn't play very smooth and you know it

  6. ye another great review. i might get this game on my birthday. it seems very fun and awsome, like your latest game, power hunter.

  7. Of course you can have your opinion, but my two cents are that the games you mentioned there, expecially Battlefront are just shooters and fighting games in a way. I enjoy the Star Wars games where you are allowed to levitate objects, so I am a huge fan of The Force Unleashed series. I explain my opinion very well in my Force Unleashed 2 review.

  8. I have watched every Star Wars movie, and played most of the games, and they were all in English. Star Wars has so many terms like force, jedi, sith, mos eisly, rancor, lightsaber, padawan, and the list goes on and on. The translation is to me complete non sense.

  9. This review wasn't going to be out until Friday, but I realized I had reviewed a brand new game for once, so it's good to release it quickly.

  10. HAHAHA! I LOLed so hard on that comment!

    "With Kinect you interact with things just like you do in the real world, using your body and using your voice." Quote from the vice president of Kinect.

  11. i think i get it. you've been listoning to English and speaking it for so long, Norwegian escapes you. i get that way sometimes with american.

  12. the force unleashed was a master piece but they ruined it on the cock unleashed 2
    and i enjoyed the star wars RTS as well from from battleground to empire at war
    and also played all the old games like star wars chess,battle for nabbo starfighter
    and even star wars rebellion
    there i gave you some ideas to review some oldie/goodie star wars games

  13. good game sp (a game review/news show down here) said that this game had about 10 developers working on it, which, according to them, explains why the game's modes don't fit together very well.

  14. it was a very good thing that you released yours B4 angry joe. when i watched his review (most of it) he basicly bashed it eccept for the dance mode.

  15. Good and fair review. Totally agree with your points both ways (I did like pod racing I think a bit more than you but to each their own!). I'm subscribing, I like honest and fair reviews that give games a chance.

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