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Game Reviews – Airace Speed Review Nintendo 3DS & 2DS


AiRACE SPEED Review Nintendo 3DS Eshop and 2DS. Knightwing takes a look at Ai-Race Speed a Scifi Tunnel Racing game that is also on Droid and other mobile devices. This game was sent free of charge for Review purposes.

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Ai-Race Speed is the 3rd Game in Qubic Games Ai series.

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  1. you do realize that this is not made by Nintendo right? You're going to need to go to Nintendo if you want F-zero.

  2. Ok,Kwing,you discovered a great game for me to play while I'm in between classes.Thanks for the review,downloading it as I type this.

  3. Did you know that Qubic Games are planning to launch a Wii U game and their introduction of the C-Way Engine?

  4. I remember when I bought AiRace Tunnel back in 2010. Oh, how much fun that was.
    I give the game a 8.7 1/2.

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