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Gameplay First Reviews – Dishonored (PS3, 360, PC)


Steampunk stealth action?! UNHEARD OF BEFORE NOW!

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  1. Magic has everything to do with the game, it's basically the religion behind the game, people worship the outsider and "pray" to him throughout the game!

  2. I just felt like it was shoehorned into the culture of Dunwall; it didn't come from the Steampunk or the stealth-action. Someone at some point in development just went "you know what this game needs? MAGIC!" and as they said that, doves flew out of their jacket.

    That's how I picture it, anyway. It felt like they shoved it into the story after everything was written (sloppily, in my opinion).

  3. An opinion holds no place in a review though, except for the occasional tidbit here or there, or if you really liked a feature; but it definitely should not take hold of the review, which is what I feel it does in this one.

  4. That's EXACTLY what my reviews are. Ask any Internet critic and they'll tell you the same. I'm going to say my opinion of any game I review and if you disagree with me, I'm cool with that. I personally thought Dishonored could have been better. It didn't impress me. That's my review, I stand by it, and if you think I'm wrong, good. It means you're expressing a legitimate Pavlovian response and you have your own thoughts on the matter. Kudos.

    But I'm the one with the show, so there you go.

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