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GameSpot Assessments – Kingdom Hearts: Dream Fall Distance (3DS)


Mark Walton explores the pleasant Disney area of motion-RPG Kingdom Hearts 3D.

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  1. you tried all the other ones, or at least the famous ones like zelda oot, resident evil or mario kart 7 ?

  2. @Chris Ballin yeah. Great games. Just not my thing. I love oot though. The only problem is, we've all beaten it 20 times

  3. I agree with you, but don't start that "the storyline isn't complicated" BS. We all know It is. It's like trying to solve a 50 sided rubix cube with instructions in japenese.

  4. This is my second favourite kingdom hearts game with my favourite being birth by sleep although they really like releasing this series on each system imaginable

  5. at 1:17 im the biggest kingdom hearts fan watching this and i still get confused sometimes over KH 3Ds intricate plot

  6. well the boss battles arent frustrating if you know what youre doing and you arent just spamming comboc like most casual kingdom hearts players do some battle require you to use strategy lowering the score just because it got too hard for you at points is bs

  7. Its arguably the best KH game. The industry needs more games like it. Yeah the story has gotten really ridiculous, bit there's still nothing like it.

    9 at least.

  8. I'm so glad he brought.up the huge annoyance of the dpad, can't remember how many times I had to run around as my righ hand twists over to try and quickly get to a cure before a boss one hit ko's me, that part was very poorly designed, I would have prefered giving up a button for that instead like with bbs did.

  9. Hope they can make one down the road for vita like the psp had kh near the end of its life.. Im a fan of ths game cause its hard especially kh 1

  10. About the dpad thing did anyone ever think of putting the ds on ir lap so ur not holding it then do it just saying

  11. I love Kingdom Hearts but Final Fantasy will always be superior, well to me it is. Having said that i'm really looking forward to KH3, it can't come soon enough.

  12. Shitty review of one of the greatest games on 3ds and one of the greatest game series ever. . .  .btw if you understood the game and the dreamworld story you would understand why the drop concept was brilliant and a necessity.This is a mediocre review a preschooler could have told you . .  .or the trailer. 

  13. The camera angle is still atrocious as I can see. I won't be picking up this game anytime soon.

  14. Anyone who praises this game for game play, I DARE YOU TO PLAY IT ON CRITICAL MODE! My god! It's not even hard, it extremely tedious and annoying! I know I sound like an internet troll, but I assure you I'm telling the truth.  

  15. What was so horrible about the drop system? The only time I found it annoying was during the boss fights, or when I was fighting the cat-like enemies.

  16. They need to make Sora and Riku more mature in kh3…like in kh2…Sorry, but attempting to make Sora childish is annoying, SPOILER ALERT DON'T READ IF YOU HAVEN'T PLAYED- he gets tricked in the beginning and is totally okay with it and not even phased by it…flip back into kh1 and kh2 he had a more serious mature attitude when he associated with people…if they keep this childish mindset for Sora in kh3 I will be angry… Sora and Riku screaming these annoying battle remarks such as faster! while in drop sequences is so annoying and here we go! uugh…honestly they need to make the story great for kingdom hearts 3, and in order to do that they need to go back to the tone that was in kh1 and kh2, those in my opinion had the best story…and even though the gameplay sucked in kh re:chain it had the best story I've seen in the game so far, it was serious throughout and revealed the organization 13 which now of course plays a huge role in the kh series, we also got a story from Riku in re chain which gave us a further analysis on what type of protagonist Riku is.

  17. This is an amazing game that any KH fan should play, but do not, do not, play this on critical! This game can be very easy if you know what you are doing, no seriously, the dream eater mechanic is so broken! If you grind for a while you can get curaga in Travers Town!

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