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GameSpot Evaluations – Remember Me


Kevin heads to Neo-Paris in get to drop a logic bomb on this movie overview.

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  1. This game to me is considered a diamond in the rough. A game in ur list that is completly different then every other game u have. It cant match any game because somewhere in this game it has a differential. A piece tht relates to a game maybe, but in a complete different timezone, era,world, planet etc so for exactly some might relate this to prince of Persia or god of war gameplay wise, but either way it'll be different because this takes plc in a futuristic Paris where as god of war is strictly a game based a longg time ago and as for prince of persia. Well that'sb based in persia facing sand monsters and shit, this is based in Paris learning how u Lost ur memory n gaining new memories along the way. So either way the game is unique in at least one aspect

  2. People are so fickle , they cry for something original, and when they get it, they bitch and moan ….this is o be of the best games I've played on this gen of consoles

  3. isn't this the same combat system that the batman arkham games have,but somehow here its not as "perfect" as it was in arkham.

  4. good game, really straight foward and fun. the fighting was a bit of a  drag but great game overall. capcom never seems to disappoint 

  5. Personally, I loved that it was so linear.  Sometimes when you have too much shit going on in your life, as i do, you dont have time for all that exploration, and a linear game is exactly what you need.  that said, i would love to see this team make an open world game because neo paris is beautiful 

  6. and this is the first game of its developers…credit goes to them for really trying to make a good game…if they get a good budget for its sequel i am sure they will make a great sequel….they should get a chance 

  7. This game is horrible; unrivaled levels of suck. How anyone could vouch for this as good or playable is completely beyond my comprehension. 

  8. The camera doesn't work well in tight spaces, lol, the game takes place in a series of tight spaces! 

  9. Just beat it. Beautiful, unique game. It's not perfect, but it tries to innovate. Everyone should definitely try it.

  10. Combat feels sluggish but other than that I loved it. I had to stop every five seconds to take screenshots and admire every little detail.

    I hope we get to explore this setting in the future in a more open way.

  11. Decent game (mostly for the visuals) but I'm really glad I bought it used for $12 and didn't pay full price for it. The fighting and memory alter mechanics are much more annoying than they let on in this video.

  12. Who cares if it's not open world? Not every game needs to be open world, they're not usually filled with much anyway, NPC's not doing much and buildings that most of the time you can't go into so what's the point? Plus open world games usually have fairly unimpressive graphics due to the huge maps taking up so much power and the control system designs normally take a back seat when the games being made, meaning you usually end up with a game that has average graphics, poor controls and a average story line. Personally I'd rather have a linear game with a great story, good controls and impressive graphics rather than an average open world one, because let's face it there are a lot of those floating around these days. Give me Uncharted any day.

  13. This game in terms of artwork has to easily be the most impressive I've seen in a video game.  Say what you want about the rest of the game but the actual environments are nothing short of amazing.  I've actually found myself taking pictures during cut scenes with Steams in game snap feature just for potential desktop backgrounds

    (Not even kidding as you can check them out here https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B2C-yhI3vJRPdWI0ZHJXUk4wZ0U&usp=sharing)

    I can't even imagine what would happen if you took the art team for Remember Me and had them design the graphics for a game using CryEngine 3 or Unreal Engine 4.   

  14. I really hope these developers go on to do something better, they have a lot of potential to do so and they can tell a good idea – it's just like in the review I could barely see what's going on in Neo-Paris. I mean if they took the Deus Ex route of having missions that provide interaction with the other people in the world then I would love this game.

  15. bought it today for 3$ on steam (75% off) and i must say i like it pretty much..sure its not open worlds, wich would make it 100 times more awesome..but the idea of maipulating memorys is pretty cool..gives you a little Butterfly effect/Inception feeling..i like it..worth to play

  16. This kind of work must be appreciated and supported… It's a beautifull game which can be brought up to a much higher level. Movements, graphics, brilliant design that's joy to watch. And they barely found a publisher because it's a female character! Only reason that we won't get more of this in better pack are publishers that just throw away inovative projects like this. Imagine this game with budget like Assassins creed, as an open world with side missions and absolute freedom in the way you play it. More potential than Tomb Raider.

  17. The linearity of the game isn't the problem. It's the way the level design engages players. If the game had more complex puzzles involved in platforming it would have been a better experience. A great example of a linear game is Portal.

  18. Remember me right? Just like capcom forgot God hand did this combo making thing before it was cool (plus Batman too!!)

  19. I'm halfway on the game (got it recently on 8 pounds from Base) and I agree with every word on this review. The Memory Rewind sections are the best part of the game. The combat is kinda boring and the game honestly does not know what it want from itself. At moment you have combat, "platforming" and then really boring stealth (Which make really no sense. I can crush those robots with the Spammer, but no, you have to stealth. Really boring)
    I wish the game was something like Heavy Rain, focusing on story, and the Memory Sections as the core gameplay.

  20. Mediocre games that had SO much potential, and instead of being good, lame, or average should have been great.

    El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron (take notes from God of War, Castlevania, Okami, Kingdom Hearts, and Shadow of Colossus)

    Remember Me (what could have been the next Beyond Good and Evil, A la Blade Runner,
    Batman Arkham, and Mirror's Edge)

    Kameo: Elements of Power (not harmony)

    Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts (why? It wasn't BAD per se but WHY?)

    Star Fox Adventures: Dinosaur Planet (again, not a terrible game, but executed poorly. Slapped on. They should have just made the game where you play as Crystal through the whole thing, and then reveal that this is IN the Star Fox universe near the end. That way it wouldn't have gotten fan boy's hopes up…and…you know….step your game up with the voice acting and gameplay. Not a bad game, just bad ideas on something that's basically a lesser version of Zelda and Beyond Good and Evil).

    Dragon's Dogma (I did not get sat down and serviced one sermon by a dragon preacher. I was already hyped up for a fire breathing sermon. Basically it was a confederation of good ideas that never meshed together and died in childbirth.)

  21. This game makes me think of Mirror's Edge and Beyond Good and Evil.
    It's like if there's a type of female action hero going against corruption, it's exemplified in these 3 female characters.
    Jade, from Beyond Good and Evil.
    Faith, from Mirror's Edge.
    And this lady. In a way she's like a mixture of the 2. She's more realistic looking like Faith, but like Jade she's in an area similar to France or Venice.
    Well. I shouldn't say that. BGE was made by a French developer, though.

  22. I got this on steam for like $7. pick it up at least to try. it's interesting nonetheless

  23. I'm a huge Beyond Good and Evil fan and I know it's not as good, but do you think it's worth giving it a try? I'm sick and tired of open world games, so that's not the problem, but does it have a good story?

  24. I think Capcom needs to sell this game to Quantic Dream to give it true justice..IMO it's both hit and miss..the memory rewind is amazing..but then everything else just looks like a copy and paste from Uncharted..I think if Quantic Dream rebooted or renamed this game and brought back out..itd be a huge success..they specialize in these type of games..and yes Im a Heavy Rain mark..but honestly can you blame me..the game was all beautiful, sad and brilliant at the same time!

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