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GameSpot Opinions – Mario Kart seven (3DS)


Tom McShea soups up his kart and hits the keep track of in this overview for Mario Kart seven for the 3DS.

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  1. yeah i didn't care for the babies on the wii when I'd do a verse race i'd set two players and one of the babies would be second player yeah i was a cheater and one thing i HATE from that version is the blue shell that's something i would LOVE to remove from the game.

  2. Yea. On my first race in this game, I got hit 4 times in a row with lightning, a red koopa shell, blue shell, and then another red shell, which knocked me off the side of the course!

  3. I don't think it's because of the 8/10, i think it's because he bitched about the stupidest things to make it so he could give a 8/10. I think it's an 8/9 type of the game, like bitching about the characters like metal mario/queen bee.

  4. I think the script for this review could be so much better and more informative. Or was there a script?

  5. 4:55 'explosive entry'?  there is nothing explosive about this game.  The speed of the karts online is probably the slowest i have ever seen in any mario kart game.  not sure why people aren't bothered by this and seem to love this game so much.

  6. They should have replaced the Honey Queen with Waluigi and Metal Mario with Dark Mario from the Galaxy series. I don't mind the Wiggler, though. But they definitely needed Dry Bones and maybe a Magikoopa. Bowser Jr. And baby Mario and Peach would have also been nice additions.

  7. Been playing this game for two years and it remains in my card slot (nearly everything else I have is digital). Crazy fun game with awesome replay value. Online works great, I just wish chat was enabled.

  8. How I remained in the lead was remaining in second place until the blue turtle shell came in the final lap and then drove furious for the finish line. This day shouldn't take more than a day to complete.

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