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GameSpot Reviews – 3DS Review Round-up


Jane Douglas takes a look at the top five 3DS launch games on GameSpot right now.

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  1. @vespers119 It's you that lives in Failtown if you think that out of 100, 50 is not the average.

  2. @SockBath you dumb nig. OOT is coming out in june and the others are coming out this summer. Nintendo has already said there wont be a new version of the 3ds for atleast a year and a half

  3. @ultimatebassmaster39
    Before i answer your question how powerful is the 3ds and what graphic capability this handheld can do against the other outdated DS's.

  4. @FastestSpermCell prick…….its a british accent…..get used to the fact that not all people sound "American"……

  5. @mrshorty13579 I have a PS3 and if I had the cash I would buy me either a 3DS or an NGP. Handhelds are not here to replace home consoles, man. You can have both, if you have the money, and if you want to.

  6. @MikeyHNCC1701D i heard your a pussy you hides behind his monitor to talk shit. o wait seems thats the truth

  7. i saw allot of stonners in that line. i just hhapen to be the one whos guna wait for a 3d's with better battery life so i can trip out longer xD

  8. only street fighter worth buying, and thats missing some key features, if ur patient your best waiting for a price drop and a bigger choice of games

  9. I think that Nintendo committed suicide this generation. First the Wii basically a console built around motion controls except very few games actually make use of it (or I should say do it well). We cant forget the shovel ware wanna play a good game on Wii you can choose from about 3 Billion Sports titles -_- or freaking my little pony. 3DS was built around a gimmick although I am happy that Nintendo made it really powerful I just dont see it beating the NGP (If sony doesnt screw it up…psp).

  10. @NebulaSteam so Am I XD I've waited soo long for the May Update that My money reached 300K, Level 99 all stats full, got all golden weaps and got all of the Art Works XD

  11. @hiopppe I think the 3DS is prety good. I own one, just wait a month or two, their WILL be great games:) And, even if the VITA is better than 3DS, it won't matter, every thing has it's cons and pros.

  12. I got a tax rebate and I can just about afford a ps vita..I want one but may still get a 3ds instead, I know it will be very successful and I want to play Mario 3ds land. Played Mario kart 7 in store and the 3d effect blows me away. Plus the 3ds is half the price…

  13. 3d was its biggest selling point and noone uses it because of battery :/ i glad ps vita didn't worry bout that shit 3d is unnecessary on a small ass screen

  14. the 3d is amazing but i wish they made more games that needed it, like most games on the ds/3ds look cartoon or you can see the graphic lines. /:

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