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GameSpot Reviews – Brink Review (PC, PS3, Xbox 360)


Brink tries to stay afloat in this video review with Chris Watters.


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  1. It has a 70 on metacritic, while I hate metacritic and 1/10 scoring systems I do think a 70 seems fair enough.

  2. There was probably no update before plus u more then likely a kiss ass cod little bitch

  3. The only problem I ever had was audio dropping.
    Teammate Ai was infuriating, but playing with real people more than made up for the experience.

  4. No man Just no….the multiplayer could have been good if the fucking servers for the game wasn't so damn laggy.

  5. THIS is an underrated game that i played more than battlefield or call of duty. This game was a fun joyride that i got for $5.00. this game is a lot like it's

  6. Predecessor enemy territory that i actually played more than any other multiplayer title keep up the good splash damage an show these kids what a real fps is

  7. SWKNOTOR, The Last of Us, Dark Souls, The Witcher 2.. Those games are all crap compared to this masterpeice. I would kill a thousand carrots.

  8. Defidentally this game should be remade to fix all the bug than to improve the parkour aspects and combat of this game.

  9. FPS+ Parkour=Unsuccesfull FPS and most forgetable.
    I dont even know this game Exist! And to know it, Its Worst. Yes I Played it, lame gameplay.

  10. "Brink tries to stay afloat in this video review with Chris Watters."

    hehe I see what u did there…… xD

  11. This game needs a reboot. Especially now, because people are ok with ONLY multiplayer games.

    But it would help it if they did make a campaign

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