Home Game Review GameSpot Reviews – Forza Motorsport 4 – Video Review (Xbox 360)

GameSpot Reviews – Forza Motorsport 4 – Video Review (Xbox 360)


Justin Calvert heats up his brakes as he speeds around Forza Mortorsport 4 in this video review.

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  1. Cars sound amazing, career was great too, e.g. choosing just bmw races or cars before 1990 rather than having to do one like shift or GT or something, liked the flexibility 🙂

  2. Straight up forza should have a snow and dirt track stage where you can bag your cara on and make on the tracks have a stage with rain

  3. Kind of a bad review in my opinion :l not the final score or anything but just overall boring to listen toand didnt actually tell you much about the game igns review was alot better

  4. It's very rare to see "smart" discussions on YouTube. Especially on a video about a video game…

  5. He was just implying that saying GT5 sounds better than Forza is like saying GTA SA has better graphics than a modern game. He wasn't comparing GTA with Forza at all… So please don't be a hypocrite by telling others to think before writing a stupid comment.

  6. This wasn't even the person who I said that to. That was "latchie". So your "writing a stupid comment" thing just went back to you considering you didn't even read the names of the people that were in the conversation. Another smart idea, don't reply to an 11 month old comment. It took me like 5 minutes just to remember what this was even all about, because I let the past go, you on the other hand, do not. Now, goodbye.

  7. Forza and gran turismo are the only true simulator racing series and forza easily beats GT. GT fanboys be but thirst

    Insanely fun, awesome driving physics and feel, great social stuff (if you have a gold membership though) and a hell of an online gameplay…
    I highly recommend it!!!

  9. I just beat Forza 2, thought it was very good albeit a bit repetitive. Is it worth getting Forza 4?

  10. In local MP, can you see all cars in a single list sorted by PI instead of having to go to each make's list?

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