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GameSpot Reviews – Pilotwings Resort Video Review (3DS)


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Pilotwings Resort is fun while it lasts, but it fails to reach the same heights as its predecessors.

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  1. @tom11zz884 lol yea ok, console like graphics, touch screen, touch pad on the back, gyro-scope, 3G, dual analog sticks, bigger screen, etc. it literally has everything the 3DS has and more. so what that it has 3D, if the Vita is going to have better graphics and games, which you would have to be a retarded fanboy to disagree with me, then the 3DS isn't going to stand a chance. especially since most of the games on it are either remakes of N64 games or other multiplatforms.

  2. @tom11zz884 and you can play PS3 games on it using remote play, complete graphics and everything. it makes WII U look like a bulky piece of shit.

  3. @colin9413c And how's the Vita selling? Worse than the psp! And Super Mario 3D land and Mario kart 7 is not a remake also, Touch pad on back sounds stupid but that's me. And Sony has always copied Nintendo Since The Wii maybe even before. Sony is just for more Hardcore gamers, But the wii u hopefully will bring in more hardcore gamers to Nintendo.

  4. @ppixelmonsterr I hope you like the 3DS! 😀 I want monster hunter 3G to come to USA Soon! That will be awesome if it does! 🙂

  5. yeah, and at my gamestop if you buy a new 3ds you can get it free (or steel diver) i dont know if that applies for all of the gamestops out there)

  6. This game gets addicting fast. I've spent 14 hours on it, and almost, ALMOST 100% (maybe something like 93%). Really fun. Good to get if it were about 20 or under.

  7. i already discovered all the stuff in wii sports resort i love landing and moving on water in my plane and going through tunnels i even found a whale and the other island the golf island oh i also love dropping from high altitudes then stopping my self just barley fast enough that i won't die btw i am still talking about wii sports resort i even went in the volcano the hard way ( from the top )

  8. i need to play this game. need to get a 3DS first! I just did a video review of the snes pilotwings. such an awesome game, sadly under-appreaciated. those of you who wanna see my video, enter my channel. I love to read opinions, leave comments if you can. like and subscribe if you wish, that would be awesome.

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