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Gay Dating Sites | Review


There are so many dating sites for gay men around…which is best?? I look at six and rate them!!

Which do you think is best for finding the right guy? Are dating sites a bad way of finding someone genuine? Comment below and say what you think!!

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  1. There are other sites. One I used to do often,but stopped drastically. Because they screwed the site up.

    That you say you don't put much info.How you expect to draw attention.Other than the cover.Because that is just that. To women that is another way of saying your either looking casual sex or in the closet.

  2. I think your video was AMAZING!
    Thank you for it!
    I used Gaycupid…. What a horrific site.
    I did meet some nice guys there last summer, but most were far away from my location and it took many not -so-great creeps to get to know the few who were cool.
    Luckily creeps usually give themselves away.
    I will try Blendr now.
    Thank you again! 

  3. I think you miss the point of a gay lifestyle. It is generally polygamous and not relationship based. This is why there are gay cruising areas. That is the lifestyle. If you are wanting a normal straight relationship between two people —  it wont happen so easily in this lifestyle.

  4. I don't use any gay websites on my phone at all.i use gay websites on my laptop computers.i'm a very private guy.Do you know any good free gay websites for computer users?

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