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geek 2 geek dating site reviews – gk2gk.com


Geek 2 Geek dating site reviews and our updated review of gk2gk.com including membership prices, features and more. Here: http://datingwebsitereview.net/geek-2-geek-dating-site-reviews/

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  1. Lol… you're a major dickhead! This is nothing but your wordpress blog promo. Unfortunately there is nothing rational on the blog too. 

  2. I'm surprised you gave this site such a high rating. I found your video online because I'm in the process of posting my review on each and every site I possibly could and I think your website has the highest star value review I have seen, and this has go to be my 30th website lol. I actually was scammed on this site, so was the majority of the other users, when I say majority I'm talking over 80% of people were. I could go on for days about how bad this site is. Maybe you should actually sign up for the website and see how bad it is yourself 😀 I don't think this review your posting is at all accurate. lol

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