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Geeky Gadget Review: Fisher Price Apptivity Case


Do you ever have that screaming baby and nothing to entertain them with? Well you always got your phone right? Fisher Price has answered the call with their new Apptivity Case for iPhone. It will work with all iPod Touch, 3s and 4s of iPhone versions. Check out the review and let us know what you grownup geeks think.

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  1. Good review, got one because of this review! N.B a coin is always to hand for opening up so no need for a sharp knife. Also you can turn the phone the other way up and get access to the home button. This access to the home button is pretty limited no easy to press my 6 month old does not go for it as before it seemed to be the only thing she would press. Also note depending on the iPhone case you have you may have to take it out. I don't but it's very tight. Recommend it to all. Looking at the

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