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Gerald’s Game – Movie Review


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Chris Stuckmann reviews Gerald’s Game, starring Carla Gugino, Bruce Greenwood, Henry Thomas. Directed by Mike Flanagan.

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  1. I highly agree with Chris. I’m a huge SK fan and while this isn’t my favorite book, the suspense and terror of being in a situation like this trapped with your own thoughts is spot on. This translated well into the film adaption too. Thanks for a great review Chris. 👍🏽😃✌🏽

  2. As raw and realistic this movie was I'm really surprised that even though she was in that bed for Days they never showed her pissing herself. Wouldn't she be sitting in her own piss and s*** if she was in that bed for days? I don't think you can hold it in that long. other than that plus the ending I didn't fully understand I'd give this movie A- I guess

  3. I just watched it and I haven’t been so scared by a movie since I was little. “Death” is my new nightmare and I was surprised how the story kept adapting to new horrors.

  4. Well, I didn’t find Henry Thomas at all convincing as the creepy dad in this movie. I refuse to…I rrrreeeffffffffrefuse to believe it. This man is sick!! Which, of course means he was cast as Carla Gugino’s actual movie husband in Haunting of Hill House. Eugggghw. Actually I saw him first as that dad in Haunting of Hill House so seeing this movies and this performance made it hurt a little more.

  5. An A? You have to be kidding me, this film was mediocre. No focus in the plot, too many talking to herself scenes, the plot was going all over the place more and more with all kinds of forced additions in an attempt to make things more interesting, ultimately leading to a rushed ending that was just too weird. This could have been a good movie but it certainly wasn't.

  6. I would love to hear your review of Absentia, Flanagan's first full-length feature, filmed on an almost non-existent budget. Thanks to you for making me aware of him as a director! Absentia is my favorite in his catalogue, or maybe second place after Oculus. It is quite unique and really shows his talents.

  7. So I seen this review and decided to check out gerald's game…wow was it intense. Very good movie

  8. As a rape/molestaion survivor, this movie is so deep & inspiring to me. Like on a much deeper level of non-survivors.

  9. I loved it just just wish that they left the moonlight guy alone its should have ended with her just being save.

  10. The dog is f-ing amazing in this. When she asks "Are you a rescue dog?" can almost here the dog say "No"

  11. I see you haven't yet checked out the series The Haunting At Hill House. Also directed by Mike Flanagan, it is an amazing top notch show. Also with the same actors. You have to at least watch the Trailer, trust me it's a good show.

  12. Ladies and gentlemen, this is why you should use handcuffs with an emergency release lever for bedroom activities.

  13. SPOILER:

    Am I the only one who wishes that the moonlight man actually stayed as an unexplained supernatural phenomenon rather than being revealed to just be some deformed necrophiliac serial killer? I thought it was much more creepy to have that be the one seemingly supernatural aspect of the story, insinuating that he was in fact the grim reaper or something equivalent to that.

    Otherwise though, yeah this was an awesome movie and Carla Gugino's performance was brilliant.

  14. When I reas this book the first time I quit pretty quickly it didn't catch my attention. Decided to read it before the movie came out and even though it isn't one of my favorites I applaud SK for keeping me interested while reading a book with just ONE! Character.

  15. I’m 2 years late but whatever, I just recently re watched this movie with my little sister, the movie finished at 2, and then we ended up staying awake till 5 in the morning talking about it. The moonlight man was incredibly creepy but that eclipse scene with her father is something that will stay with me, even the manipulation from her father that followed was terrifying.

  16. Does the moonlight man have a gender? If he doesn't then he is a racist, misogynist bigot. Joking aside Mike Flanagan is a director who deserves recognition.

  17. Come on, the Moonlight man doesnt make any sense. The idea that he is real it's just básic and totally forced, it makes me laugh.

  18. I meant, untill the last 15minutes the movie it's not Bad it's just normal, but when they take the idea that the Moonlight man is real out of the blue, came on, theres only 5 minutes left You can't make a twist like that without any anouncement.

  19. I've seen so many horror films but oh my god this made me so so uncomfortable. Great film but fuck me im scarred

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