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Get 5 Star Reviews On Google my Business | Create Review Links


I had many requests from my clients on how to create “Business Listing Review Links” and a better way to get people to give “more 5 Star reviews” using Google My Business. I was pleased when I found this trick using the Google Places API to automatically show 5 stars for anyone about to create a review in your GMB listing.

I also talk about some strategies on where to place your new review links to share them easily with your clients. This video promises to get your business more 5 star reviews and across all your digital properties. I even went the extra mile and included my own worksheet so you can stay organized and on top of your brand’s reputation online!

The Video is laid out in 3 Parts:

Part 1 (2:00) – Quick Simple Links – Google Maps Method
Part 2 (3:43) – Review Links for any Profile – Bit.ly Method
Part 3 (6:00) – Getting more 5 Star Reviews Automatically – Google Places API Method

Just Watch the Video for Instructions and grab your URL’s and worksheet from the links below:

Get your place ID here:

Get the Review Link template here:

URL Shorten’s used in the video:

Download your Client Review Excel Worksheet:

Visit Us Online Here:

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  1. Great video! Lots if useful information. I got to learn about Google Shortener, Places ID, and getting 5 star reviews. Truly valuable info. I also appreciate the links in the description!

  2. My company services customers at their location so I’m not showing up on the business map finder. I have checked a service area of 30 miles in Google my business to show up better in searches. Do I need to turn on the map address and keep it on for this to work? Possibly turn it on copy the link then revert back?
    Google maps states it may take 3 days for change to take effect.

  3. I tried this but the comma five hack no longer works. Apparently it violates google's policies and has been removed. Word is that reviews given using the hack may have been removed.

  4. Hi. After,3 does not work.I did exactly same what you say in the video but it does not reappear as 5 stars . Can you help please.
    Thank you

  5. HOW TO CREATE REVIEW LINKS, USING GOOGLE API [Update for 2019] at 6:03

    1. Log into your GMB
    2. Create a 'short name' for your location
    3. Go to the Dashboard and on the right side you should see a section called 'Get more reviews'
    4. Under the 'Get more reviews' you should see a link. use that link.

  6. Somehow when I attempted to send the link to a phone, it does not open the stars page, nor the 5 stars is selected.

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