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Get Free Things From Amazon (& 4 Other Reasons to Write Reviews)


If you’re not writing Amazon reviews you’re missing out on some pretty big benefits … things that will get you free stuff online, give you more influence, and allow you to have more impact.

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Video transcript:
Do you want to get free stuff connect with experts and have more clout in your industry?
I want to tell you why you should be writing Amazon reviews.
I’ve got 5 reasons and probably four of them you may not have thought about yet no one if
you’ve used the reviews on Amazon to decide whether you were going to buy something yourself it’s just a nice thing to do to give back as a way to help other people make their buying
So writing reviews that is a way to give back so that’s one reason to write reviews on Amazon.
The second reason is opportunities when I was starting out in the real estate education space I used to just write reviews about all the books that I was reading to give back what I didn’t know
at the time was that other authors would also be reading these reviews and I was contacted by an author of a book that was going to be published by Wiley and she asked me to provide a case study and answer a few questions for the book that she was writing that was my very first
interview for a book and it came as a result of my Amazon review.
Number three: writing good Amazon reviews takes a little bit of practice and frankly most people need a little bit of practice giving good feedback so what makes a great Amazon review.
Well, actually Amazon outlines what they’re looking for but generally here’s just four things that I
think make a great Amazon review tell people who this is for so whether it’s a product or a book who is this right for because well maybe you didn’t like it perhaps a beginner or a more advanced person would, so indicate who is this right for what did you like what did you benefit from what would you like to see differently or what could have been changed for it to be better for you, or did you find any tips for using it to get the best benefit out of the book or the product because that will be useful to people in the future as well.
Number four: Free stuff
Yeah so I’ve had publishers send me a catalogue of their books and say let us know which books you want and that is how I got an advanced copy of pitch anything by Oren Klaff which was fantastic one of my favorite books that I’ve ever got and I got it free and so I’ve received many books over the years free from the publishers looking to get good reviews and often I get them in advance I’ve also received things like this vegetable trimmer.
You write reviews for amazon.com and you get ranked high enough you’ll actually be eligible to be invited to something called Amazon vine you have a whole bunch of companies that want to send you products in exchange for the reviews now there’s lots of criteria and rules to what happens with Amazon vine but it’s a pretty cool program and and the stuff that you can get free is pretty unreal so that can be an opportunity.
Another reason to write an Amazon reviews number five if you want to reach out to an expert in
your industry what better way to get them to contact you or communicate with you or send you their book than to say hey I’m an Amazon top 1000 top 5000 ranked reviewer here’s a link to my
profile page if you want to see it can give you close it can allow you to connect with people who you might otherwise struggle to connect with without having a warm introduction from somebody that you know.
So there’s five reasons free stuff more close connect with experts giving back a lot of good
reasons to go ahead and write your first Amazon review got a tip love to hear it go ahead post it in the comments below.

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  1. Thanks for the advice and tips Julie. What is the Amazon reviewers programme you mentioned at around 3.00 on the video – Amazon buying? Where can I find out more about it? Thanks again!

  2. Question… Is there a way to pick/choose a specific item that you've searched on Amazon to get for FREE or heavily discounted? by writing a review for that SPECIFIC ITEM? In other words is there a way to identify which specific company/website has the item you are wanting? or is it merely a potluck kinda thing? 🙂

  3. is there a way of getting reviews noticed so you can rank up i review stuff as there is a few sites im on which give free stuff or discounts for amazon which i write reviews for i also get contacted by brands on my blog as i write reviews on my blog sometimes not amazon things but things from brands. so wondered if it was like blogging and could contact brands via their amazon profile to approch them?

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  5. Hi Julie, I heard already from a couple more videos of yours that you like to review and sometimes you do so with books too…could I ask you what kind of genre you usually read or like and if there is someone that you do not like to read and so make any kind of review? Hugs

  6. Hi Julie, LIKE 46. One other thing about writing Amazon reviews above what you already cited in your awesome video on How to Help An Author video from 2018, is write a GOOD SIZE review. I have seen some which are less than 10 words. I love your emphasis on citing WHO is the BOOK's audience. Secondarily, in your personal reviewer profile, do cite things like you FB and Twitter links and a website for ways to make it easy for them to get ahold of you. Some of my reviews I posted first at my blog because they were very closely linked to my field. So when I copied it then over to Amazon, it was kindah long, but I think that helps, too, because people may not read all of the review, but the AUTHORS sure notice and appreciate it. I always suggest professional who could benefit from PURCHASING a copy for their Resource Center, etc. both to suggest that and also to benefit the authors and publishers. They are always sincere when I do that. AND people often need that suggestion to even think about doing that. Many people are reading reviews for their own purchases only and then only secondarily think about, oh hey, that would be great in…. etc. Cheers and blessings, April

  7. Can video reviews stand out stronger and help you rank higher than a long written out review?

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