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Chris Stuckmann
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Chris Stuckmann reviews Get Out, starring Daniel Kaluuya, Allison Williams, Bradley Whitford, Caleb Landry Jones, Catherine Keener, LilRel Howery. Directed by Jordan Peele.

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  1. The picture was just him showing that we all need to share the love. Get over yourselves people.

  2. No one's gonna point out that the protagonist is Tucker from Johnny English? ??

  3. I love that one of the best horror/suspense movies in recent years is made by a comedian. Seriously though look for all the subtext and foreshadowing. Also what's with that picture dude? Just review the movie. You don't have to prove anything, that was Peele's point.

  4. ''Tons of friends of colour'', really? Are you transparent or something? People look at you and can see through you, right? lol


  5. You clearly didn't understand the small intricacies of the film. This is an A+ film for sure. If you watch the film a second time you'll be less confused on certain parts, such as the running scene.

  6. Good first 2 acts but the last act fell completely apart. Still one of the most overrated movies made last year. The original Stepford Wives was scarier than this.

  7. This Nibba rated get out the same as unfriended i like your stuff mr. stuckmann good sir but

    W H O A W H O A W H O A W H O A Y O U N E E D T O S T O P M Y B O Y

  8. Get Out was a classy little shocker. The "twist" was gradual, rather than sudden, kind of like a Stephen King novel, so that when you've worked out what's going on, you still watch avidly to see what eventuates.

  9. i cant believe people are rly talking about the guy inserting the fact that he had diverse friends you get hes doing a review on it so his personal life experiences will change the view on the movie also why is it wrong for him to show this its not like he was doing the i have black friends as a excuse for something racist thing he just wanted to give personal insight

  10. Anyone notice that when the dad says "best president of my lifetime." about Obama, the actor broke the forth wall and looks at the viewer looking like he was thinking " bullshit "

  11. I would tag the movie as "horror" but more as "tense or scary" mood
    For the "skeleton" deer sequence, i understand why they removed it, cause that wouldn't fit with the rest of the movie, also i would remove the scene when he is in the corridor and the maid walk through, that wasn't really necessary the scene represents more horror movies than "tense or scary" mood ones.

    Other than that the movie was really enjoyable !

  12. The performance of the girlfriend was awful though .. she reminded me of nicola peltz's performance in bates motel

  13. This was absolutely the worst, most disgusting, racial movie I have ever seen in my life. Made me want to vomit.

  14. Well done on avoiding the all people are equal. Great review, love everything you do. Keep it up!

  15. Well done on avoiding the all people are equal. Great review, love everything you do. Keep it up!

  16. I don't know why Chris felt the need to photoshop himself into a picture with a bunch of black people to show that he isn't racist. I never thought he was.

  17. But see ultimately it wasn't really about "racism" as we typically think of it; it was about how totally well-meaning non-racist white people have a tendency to fetishize black people…

  18. :SPOILER: but Chris hear me out

    what if he ran cause he got hes conscious back for a minute but fell back in he was going to warn him and the lady wen she was crying she was trying too but they took back control same as the dude with the fadora remember what they did to them

  19. I can't believe he gave this movie a B. This is the best movie I've seen this year. A+ in my book.

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