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Getting started with the Google Places API


Google Places covers tens of millions of place locations around the world. But what’s a place? A place is anything that answers the question “Where are you?” Restaurants, shops, landmarks, events, and much more. You can use it in the browser, from a server, or from a mobile device. This talk will show you how to get started with the Google Places API, and focus on how you can use this huge datastore in your mobile application.

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  2. Hello, could you give me some orientation? What I need is to add the Autocomplete for US addresses in a textbox

    What I need to know is if there's a limit for the daily requests to the API, in order to use the free version, and what's the definition of 1 request for you, I mean, if I write some text, the filtering is done, but then if I erase all the content and start typing again, that would be another request?

    I'll appreciate if you can answer me or forward me to someone that could help me,

  3. Is it normal that for every single video about "Google Places API" I receive "This video is currently unavailable."? Videos about anything else play fine…

  4. Very helpful. Can you add the code snippets from the video somewhere? I want to try and recreate some of your scenarios.

  5. Can I verify any address in the using this API – basically I need put Unformatted address data from DB and get that verified if it's address or not? Is this completely free to use for any corporate?

  6. How can i return nearby places such as restaurants (multiple results) instead of a single result, as json array?

  7. When are you punks gonna add the popular times data feed to the API ?!?!?! I've been salivating over that feed for like a year now 🙁

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