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Ghajini Hindi Movie Review: Ghajini Brings the ‘action’ Back Into Your Life


Is Ghajini, like every Aamir Khan movie, a flick with a difference? Not at all, it has the clichéd ‘good triumphs over the evil’ subject, which you may be watching for the 117th time. If you look at the basics of Ghajini, it is your usual revenge drama that the sort of Ajay Devgans and Mithuns would dabble in the early 90s. But what livens up the film; makes you stand up and notice is its treatment. Action has been one genre which was relegated to the background with comedies and candifloss romances warming up the box office for nearly a decade. Ghajini brings the ‘action’ back into your life.

Story of Ghajini
Aamir Khan suffers from acute short term memory loss because he is hit on the head by the villain Pradeep Rawat, who also kills Aamir’s girlfriend Asin. Aamir Khan has to fight his handicap of ‘ short term memory loss’ while his mind is working overtime seeking vengeance. He cannot remember anything more than 15 minutes, yet with determination and logic, sets cues that make him disciplined enough to seek vengeance. He has cues written on his body including Polaroids which aid him in memory and recall. Jiah Khan, a medical research student who has her eyes on Aamir as an object of scientific experimentation, initially perceives Aamir as a threat. After coming to know more about his background and the tragedy that befell him, she seeks to help him out. How Aamir gets his revenge forms the rest of the plot. But it not as simple as it seems, the plot is rivetingly complex.

Technical aspects of Ghajini
The strong point of Ghajini is its screenplay and its script. There is enough content in the movie for you to lap up 3 hour and 15 minutes span of the movie. Ghajini has been splendidly directed by A.Murgadoss who has taken pain to ensure that finer points of the movie are taken care of. The hall mark of an interesting screenplay, Ghajini shuffles intelligently between the placid past, the troubled present, back into the romantic past before zeroing into the present with vengeance.

Not one single scene seems to be in waste and every sequence seems to compliment the plot of the film. The climax scene is raw and sordid, as Aamir uses brute force to bash up villains to pulp, while chasing Pradeep Rawat in revengeful angst. The chasing scene through the dingy lane has been shot beautifully to the credit of camera man Ravi K. Chandran who has shot scenes with remarkable elan.

A.R.Rahman’s music is a soother to the fast tempo of the film, especially the Kaise Mujhe song which is placed at Ghajini’s most sensitive moment. Murgadoss has made sure that the songs do not overwhelm the movie and has even intelligently snipped a significant part of the Latoo number, so that the pace is not hindered.

Best scenes of Ghajini and plus points of Ghajini
1. Asin and Aamir Khan share a pleasant chemistry. Scenes where Kalpana(Asin) flaunts that Sanjay(Aamir Khan) the owner of Air Voice mobile, is her boyfriend, without even having met him, is funny . The fact that Asin dies in the movie without ever realizing who her boyfriend really is, is touching.
2. Romance has not been given a step motherly treatment in Ghajini. Murgadoss cooks up enough romantic situations between the lead pair, with the right amount of sensitivity and depth
3. The superb picturization of the ‘Behka Behka’ number.
4. The raw action scene at the climax.

Minus points of Ghajini:
The Tamil version had the villain in a double role, which perplexes the hero. Doing the same would have added more depth in Hindi Ghajini, and give it a touch of ‘difference’. Also the fight scenes could have been more imaginative.

Performances of Ghajini
Asin looks refreshing and beautiful. She infuses life in Ghajini, so to say with her cherubic, chirpy role. In fact, Asin is the most talkative character in the film, while Aamir is the least. Asin looks curvy, womanly and ‘real’ compared to the lifeless size zeroes cutting a sorry figure in Bollywood. Asin is quite comfortable in the role of Kalpana, which she has essayed for the second time. Her screen presence is remarkable; you miss her bubbly presence after she dies in the film.

The villain Pradeep Rawat is menacing and good enough for you to hate him. The lifeline of Ghajini is volcano of volatile talent-Aamir Khan. He fits the character like a glove and he is remarkably efficient in both the aspects of his character-the owner of Air Voice Mobile madly in love with Asin and also as the psycho character, who cannot remember anything beyond 15 minutes. Vulnerability and Violence are performed with clinical perfection by this acting maestro AK. Aamir Khan’s is truly an award winning performance. His body language and eyes venture far beyond what a standard dialogue would.

Verdict on Ghajini:
The Hindi Ghajini replicates the Tamil Ghajini movie scene by scene, except for little amendments. Most of the people in the team are the same including Asin, villain Pradeep Rawat and even the director Murgadoss. The major difference is the treatment of the climax. To sum up, Ghajini is not path breaking cinema, but it is entertainment laden, adrenalin pumping, visual treat at its best. Watch it in the theater, for total entertainment!

By Arunraj V.S.

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