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Ghost of Achilles – Better Than Harry Potter?


As an enthusiastic Harry Potter fan, and overall fantasy genre fanatic I am always on the lookout for the next big thing or at least one that gets me excited about the prospect of sequels or the possibility of a series from the same author. I have just finished reading Ghost of Achilles – True Ogre by Chris Sorrell and felt it warranted further commentary, particularly as the Harry Potter series has now been drawn to a close.

For those who have not yet read Ghost of Achilles the main storyboard plot centers on a young man named Ghost, who after the capture of his father by the demonic Voldek (the True Ogre), seeks to avenge the loss and come to terms with his place in an increasingly hostile and puzzling environment. He is aided by his close friend Nitzi and allies of his father, whom come together to try and recapture Achilles and put an end to the tyranny of the True Ogre. Similar to Harry Potter, one of its themes is a coming of age of the central character who does all he can to adjust to the never ending pressures of his situation. The strange goings on and unexplainable events that litter the landscape in Ghost of Achilles would also not look out of place in the Potter series.

In saying that though, there is a clear and original narrative in Ghost of Achilles and a wonderfully flowing descriptive style which in my opinion sets it apart from a lot of the fantasy genre. Cinematic in feel, it manages to convey all the necessary emotional impact that one feels would be realistic in the situations the character find themselves in. The last segments of the book are possibly the best part as the build up is well structured and makes it pretty clear that there is a sequel in the offing. Which, judging by the quality of this release would be aa very welcome prospect indeed.

By John Gilmour

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