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Gionee L800 Unboxing and Total Arms-on Evaluation


A video


  1. Thanks Indrajit Pal for nice unboxing video….i am confuse which to buy l800 or S90…because s90 is slim…can u suggest me…and tell me about l800 's RAM…8mb or 64mb? in few internet site it shows 8mb and in some 64mb….help plz

  2. Hi…I am Tapas..Thnx fr this vid..what about s96?..can u suggest me a feature phone(non-touch/bar/qwerty) having java support, edge/3g connectivity with around 2.6/2.8/3" screen and with clear sound within Rs.3500….i dont need a good camera..plz help me…i hv searched a lot but could not find anything …..i am waiting for your earliest reply…

  3. dear indrajit, how do you judge the facebook app on this phone? does it run decently?
    btw, can this phone read text file (like .txt ) ?

  4. Facebook App doesn't work like Android app but It works like Nokia Java phone series or asha series. But It does not have any touch screen that why you can't access face book like a touch screen. Otherwise its good. 

  5. inbox and sent SMS have any limit like samsung dumbphone ? or it is unlimited like android or ios? can you tell me about that, thank you 🙂

  6. Theme on my phone not look like that. Theme in L800 seem like S90, but on my phone, it different.
    Plz help change theme.

  7. I would like to know whether call timer is shown during the call or at the end of the call only. Thanks in advance

  8. Hi Indrajit, Thanks for the unboxing video. I wanted to know whether this phone supports "auto call recording"?

  9. pathetic… your video is like a bhashan. you took 9 minutes, it was so damn slow, if anyone else had done it, it would be done in less than 4 minutes. and you did not even covered the basics of this phone.

  10. This phone looks just like Videocon Dost V 1550 with 3000 mAh battery.which is rarely avaiiable now.The battery back up of V 1550 is very nice.I forget the charger for one or two weeks.I think Gionee L 800 is just a copy of Videocon V1550..These bar phones with 3000 mAh battery are good for the users who use the primary facilities like Voice call ,sms,and listening to music etc.and who do not like to charge the phone almost everyday..I think LAVA also has produced a bar phone with 3000 mAh battery.But I have not used it.I am using V1550 and very much satisfied with the performance.Thanx to Indrajit pal for thi video.

  11. 1- Is the Contact having other saving option like email,notes,multiple number.

    2- Is there SMS and Contact backup/restore option

    3-Is there Auto call recording

    4- SAR value detail?

    5- How much is internal memory?

    Is there phone book have – option like..email saving, notes, and multiple contact? Please answer ….

  12. cant play java games,after installation it says not enough memory,thn what is the point java enable .

  13. cant play java games,after installation it says not enough memory,thn what is the point java enable .

  14. Can Gionee L700 supports SD card installation?
    I want to buy L700 please inform me
    As soon as possible…

  15. Did anyone stop you from doing the phone review in proper lighting??? If you are not comfortable with the Queen's language you should have felt free to do a review in Hindi itself. Why take so much of pain, Bro??? Hope you do a better job of it the next time onwards. Cheers

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