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Gloomhaven Board Game Review


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  1. Great review as usual. But I see a huge negative: all the enemies are cardboard standees on clips. That's really disappointing.

  2. Digging the hell out of Gloomhaven. Badass proper! What other game did you give a 10 to?

  3. Let's be nitpicky and add one con: the life and XP tracking is fiddly and might not hold up very long. Of course that is a non-issue if you back the current KS (or get just the new dials as upgrade or use any other way like dice, tokens or 3rd party trackers).

  4. Great video. Nice to see people loving the game. Hope the rules vids I did were a help to learning the game for you 🙂

  5. This isn't a Legacy game, not even close to one. Here are some cons that you missed.

    Con #1, it takes ages to set up each mission, (30-45 mins no joke)

    Con#2, the standees rip very easily, cheap cardboard chits combined with cheap plastic stands (Legends of Andor did the same thing and they did it right first go)

    Con#3, the big map board is pointless and can be thrown out as it takes up room in the box

    Con#4, the rules need a lot of work, hence why he has made 1500 changes to the second ed rule book

    Con #5, the HP and XP markers are useless and don't work, hence why he has had to re-designed them for 2nd edition,

    Con #6, due to the randomness of the A.I attack deck, some Boss missions are 20 times easier than run of the mill basic missions (this breaks the story telling and the immersion)

    Con #7, game was sold as a legacy game and it is not a legacy game, putting stickers on a map that tell you what missions you can do, when the mission book tells you the exact same thing is not "legacy"

    Con #8, the game can't be stored in the box properly once you pop everything out, you need to go and buy many many boxes to fit the thing back in, it didn't even come with plastic bags and there are a ton of cardboard chits.

    Con #9, once you complete the mission objectives you are not allowed to go around and loot coins, this can only be done during the mission, and this is the most stupid rule in the entire game, so much so that I ignore it.

    Also this game is 98% combat, so if you are after more of a story driven game, this isn't it. You will spend 3-4 hours doing a mission, 1 minute reading the text at the conclusions of said mission, then you will do a cross roads type card when travelling to or from Gloomhaven that equates to, "you see a bird in the sky, do you A. Shoot it or B. Let it fly by. So think of Decent, without a DM and about the same amount of story telling.

    So how exactly is this game a 10/10?

  6. The prep for this game looks insane. Is this worth it for a person who casual sometimes plays a boardgame?

  7. Actual review starts at about 13 minutes in. Don't get me wrong, I personally like a (brief) intro summarizing what the game is about, but the title is very misleading if it's just called "review" and 80% is game/rules explanation. Example: In a review video, I don't care if the discard pile is on the right or left side.

  8. I want to get this game it's so hard to get a decent price. I found out today that miniature market had restocked some copies and it sold out in less than 2 hours.

  9. I just love this game,certainly one of my best gaming experience ,played more than 100 hours and 20 missions and i have to say there are plenty of cons or room for improvement .Those of course are not enough to satisfy my thirst for more..

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