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Gods of Egypt Motion picture Review – EPN Evaluations on the Run


Nikolaj Coster Waldau and Gerard Butler direct an energetic solid into a quite deep mess of a movie.

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  1. SPOILER ALERT: VL's Movie Rating Below…

    [Original Post]
    WOW! (''.) 5 out of 10
    Thanks for the Warning 🙂
    Saved me $20.
    I think I'll catch it on Netflix in this summer ::)

  2. When I saw the trailer I thought it looked like the Egyptian version of Clash/Wrath of the Titans. Those were shit so I assumed this would be shit too. All flash no substance, a gilded turd.

  3. Nice to see a new review. It reminds me of the old handheld game reviews that were solo, which is cool. I don't mind solo reviews at all.

    But isn't it time Blake was reviewing alongside you? Or is it a union thing? He's ready to be your shortround, Indy!

  4. This is what I expected from this movie.Great review, Vic. Deadpool should have been your first solo one though!

  5. About what i expected, the CG fire on Geoffrey Rush reminded me of some of the effects work for Firestorm on Flash/Legends of Tomorrow.

  6. This reminds me of the times that Vic would say that a game was "just ok" while Tommy would say "Its sucks more than my vacuum."

  7. It's funny you mention Hawk Man. Because as soon as you mention the word "Fantasy Film" and I saw that flying bird man I immediately thought of just that, and if DC would make a Hawk Man or Hawk Girl Origins movie I would imagine the tone of that movie would be close to this movie (Gods Of Egypt)?

  8. I really like how this video's at 60 FPS, but it makes the non-in-the-theatre-Vic footage look slightly choppy. Hope the score screen may return as well! 😀
    Also, at the beginning of your view, I was thinking … you seem a bit lonely and possibly awkward not having a co-host to talk about the film with you!
    Keep it up!

  9. ROTR ROTR ROTR ROTR ROTR Now if only we can get this and EP back on TV AND on the Internet where they belong. Come on TV people, you have GOT to see the value and effort that these folks put in and have for 25 years. They know more and do more than anyone I know and I'm not just saying that to be a "fanboy". I've enjoyed the candor and the expertise. I've almost even enjoyed Tommy and Scott (lol).

    Please Take the Hint already and give us our EP and ROTR regularly on TV and on the Internet.

    This has been your unpaid and unsolicited grovelling and sucking up moment for the week. Please tune in next week and every week hereafter until we get our way (lol, just kidding (maybe)).

    Now on to the review itself.

    I was actually considering going to this thing and now have reconsidered. Oh not JUST because of this review. I looked at the trailer and saw deficiencies and candidly if I'm going to dish out money I actually want it to be worth it and I just don't think this one is. No I think I'll just wait for it to hit TV and maybe I'll go see Deadpool again. That I enjoyed.

  10. I took a dump one time and it REALLY, REALLY STUNK.

    Maybe I should have charged people to see it. — God dammit…I could have been rich.

  11. I liked this review it was honest. everyone jumps on the thrashing band wagon when a movie flops. this guy was straight up

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