Home Gadget Review Gold Gadget and Remarkable Darkish Magician Assist – Yugioh Information April 2016

Gold Gadget and Remarkable Darkish Magician Assist – Yugioh Information April 2016


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  1. Wow, that Gold Gadget is too good for Machines! Wonder how to make it fit in a Geargia deck.

  2. You forgot to mention that Gold Gadget doesnt need to hit the graveyard for his effect to trigger, therefore you can play him under Macro/D-Fissure and still get all his effects

  3. This and tin goldfish together makes gadgets pretty good.Wish it searched a gadget like the rest do. The 2nd eff is garbo though. No one is going to destroy this

  4. so if the duel starts and we both draw, i can special summon this new dark magician card?!


    __ █████ █████ ███
    __ █████═█████═█████
    ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○

  6. So I wonder if this means that there will be a Silver Gadget and a Bronze Gadget and maybe even a Blue Gadget and I wonder if there will be a card based on Mana just like this one with Mahad but instead of Dark Magician you can Special Summon Dark Magician Girl from your Hand Deck or Graveyard instead when Mana would be destroyed also does Mahad The Protector Priest remind anyone of Maiden With Eyes Of Blue but for Dark Magician instead of Blue Eyes White Dragon

  7. Yugi will draw that magician last turn agaisnt kaiba (Heart of the cards) with no cards in hand or on the field and attack his Vorse Raider for game, 10 bucks this happens….

  8. What I was thinking is that the Mana version would be called something like Mana The Protector Priests Apprentice or maybe even Disciple and it would be a Light Level 6 Spellcaster Effect Monster with 2000 ATK and 1700 DEF and it's effect would be 
    When you draw this card you can reveal it Special Summon this card. If this card battles a Dark monster it's DEF becomes double it's current DEF during the Damage Step only. If this card is destroyed by battle or card effect you can Special Summon 1 Dark Magician Girl from your hand Deck or Graveyard.
    I thought that I would make her effect different to where it would double her current DEF instead but if you think it should be the ATK like Mahad's then that's ok

  9. I'm looking to invest a lot of money in the game what should I buy. I already have full pk Fire deck, full Kozmos and full monarchs.

  10. Mahad is a fantastic card that will be destroyed by the rulings on it. First they'll be like "oh well since you draw your opening 5 cards before the duel starts you can't summon it when you draw your opening hand." Then they'll be like "Oh well since the last thing to happen when you activate Allure of Darkness or Upstart Goblin is that you banish a Dark or give your opponents life points you clearly cannot summon this card since it's a When you can type of effect. Because you know Konami designed a Yugioh card in 2016 that misses timing." And then everyone will look at you like you're a fucking retard for not knowing this obscure ruling that has no precedent because your supposed to read the tiny ass text on the card and parse the obtuse problem solving card text.

  11. Now I want silver gadget and bronze gadget. They should have given it a different color like purple. Maybe its supposed to be the hope of gadget players.

  12. So when I open that Priest in my opening hand, I can special summon it?! If it can, Goddamn that's broken.

  13. wasn't mahad the name of that dude who ended up turning into dark magician in the original anime?

  14. thank the lord gadget support you are the one that got me into gadgets year's ago and still have the deck

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