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Google Business Listing Phone Call Scam


Google Business Listing Phone Call Scam Alerthttp://www.localgoldmine.com/google-scams/google-local-business-listing-scam-alert/

Are you receiving phone calls telling you your Google Local Business listing is going to be suspended?

f you are a small business owner and have a local business you are probably receiving numerous phone calls from telemarketers and automated robo calls regarding your Google Places listing, Google Plus Local, Google business listing and as of July it is now called Google Mybusiness.

Although it is called many different names, your Google business listing is what appears in the search results with the tear drop or button to the right and usually connects to your website.

This is where your reviews appear and if you have 5 reviews you will see the stars.

Unfortunately, many of the phone callers are using misleading information or just plain lying through their teeth to try to scare small business owners and squeeze money from you regarding the current status of your all important Google Business Listing!

Some calls will tell you your Google listing is not verified and must be claimed or it will be deleted.

Do Not Fall For These Scam Artists!

How to avoid getting scammed when it comes to your Google Local business listing

First and foremost, never give any log in information to any telemarketer for your Google account. Once you do, you are giving them permission to go in and change your information.

Do not do business with anyone that claims to work directly with Google. It is deceptive and any credible local search service will never say that!

Is your local business listing verified through Google? If yes and they are telling you it needs to be verified, be aware!

Verify who you are dealing with by getting their company name, website, phone number and some credentials.

If your business is unclaimed, do not give them any information about your business and claim it yourself asap.

Beware of people making huge promises of page one rankings or scaring by telling you nobody can find you.

If you are serious about getting your business verified or optimized so it shows up on page 1 of Google in your local market, find a credible company yourself.

Yes, you need a Verified, well optimized Google Local Business Listing!

Claiming and verifying your Google local listing is absolutely a good idea if you want to get your business in front of more customers in the Google local search results.

In fact, over the years I have helped hundreds of small businesses get this done.

The problem is, hundreds of scam artists and Local SEO services are using unscrupulous tactics to scare small business owners into using their services to fix a problem that may not even exist.

Worse yet, they are leading you to believe that your Google business listing is going to be deleted or suspended if you do not take action now!

Of course for a fee they will fix it right away!

Have you been a victim from one of these Google Business Listing Phone Calls?

If you fell victim to one of these telemarketing scams or have questions regarding your Google Business listing, feel free to contact me for a free consultation.

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  1. i get this call daily at work… also i get the same call but they are from "the yellow pages"..

  2. I've gotten this phone call twice. Whats really confusing is i don't have a google plus business listing, let alone a business

  3. very useful! I just got one of these calls. My website has been down for a while now and I laughed. As soon as I said my site was down the guy hung up.

  4. I get these call all the time and I am so sick of it. I just hang up, but they keep calling. Now they are saying I am calling about your Google business listing, do not hang up. I know for a fact our business listing is on Google. Does anyone know of a way to stop their calling?

  5. You would think as high tech as Google is that they would come up with some kind of solution for this.

  6. What is wonderful about these scam artists is that they create the problem (through lies and fraud) and then offer the solution.   They justify their actions by providing a service, but they use fraud (lies and tactics) to scare business owners into believing they need to act now, or lose their listing.  That is fraud, in every legal definition of the word.  No different that writing a virus and selling the software to fix it.  When you combine the two activities, the end result is fraud.  

    There are over 50 people on Fiverr.com that will do the same thing for five dollars. That is the actual value of their $300 dollar service…five dollars.    However, Google says not to give out your mailed PIN to anyone.   You can lose control of your own google listing at that point.  

    This is not any different than your doctor prescribing testosterone treatments to every male over 40 in his care, because he gets kickbacks from the pharmaceutical company.   Just because your doctor treats you correctly for other ailments, doesn't mean he is not guilty of fraud.  

    The good news is that the FTC has created its own division focusing on Robo Calls two months ago, mostly because of this one single scam.  Apparently, there were hundreds of these companies that popped up in the last year.  These scum pollute the waters for legitimate companies, so please take them all down.

  7. I've had a few of these. They really do get an attitude with you when you point out that you're aware they're trying to scam you. Unfortunately it seems most of them use spoofed numbers, so there doesn't seem to be any way to retaliate.

  8. what happens if you gave them some info like address, phone number and your website link. but did not give them any money?

  9. they have been calling me everyday, sometimes as much as 6 times a day, for years. Always a different local number. No matter what I do I cant ever get a human to yell at or even lead on. I regularly resubmit to "do not call registry". I have a business but will never have a listing.

  10. Hi Jeff

    I need your kind assistance for one thing. I was trying to register a business in google for Melbourne, Australia address. I had registered the same business in two other cities in Victoira, Australia.

    Suddenly , I noted that google has suspended my listing before arriving the post card. I asked google what policy has been violated and they did not tell it. Can you please let me know how can I fix this error.

  11. funny i just got one today were look so real they called me started were if my restraunt listing was incorrect i replied yes then he say okay passes me to another person that were it was seen as a scam he told me to pay 299 dollers a month for them to reboost my bussiness but he said first month is free but then u can cancell anytime then i was like okay we will maybe try it out for free that month he replied whith a angry voice saying no did i say it was free it was crazy but scams just scams cant belive they do this to others just steal money mother fuckers get a real job but yea great video showing us knoleging us thank u

  12. My business is not even on Google and I get these calls. Started as soon as my business showed up on Yelp. 4 years in business so I know it was Yelp where they got my number from. And those bottom feeders won't remove my business even though it's a private company.

  13. I just spent 3 hours with them on the phone providing randomly generated credit cards and routing numbers. I think they've signed me up for something thinking that they've charged me lol.

  14. If you are tired of receiving phone calls from "Google Listing Service", you may call this number and ask to be put on their "do not call" list:  336-637-1295.  At least that's what they told me…

  15. After over a week of calls I fell for the scam… pressed #1 and answered the verification questions. I asked what company she was calling from was told twice they were "Google". I also asked if there was any charge for this verification or for anything to do with "this call" and was assured it was totally free, "no charge sir". After reading on several websites that this is a known scam I became alarmed. If this follows the pattern, They will probably begin intimidation tactics to get me to pay a "bill" for services I didn't ask for and certainly didn't agree to. I have a case started via the FTC fraud line in anticipation. Also put in a fraud alert to Google's fraud unit. They have awakened and SOB junkyard dog in me. I heard of a lawsuit against one of these companies and if needed, will contact that gentleman to get a 'heads=up on an effective path tp proceed. Wish I could give you a followup as things develop….should be interesting.P.S.: BTW I have never had some kind of official listing… didn't really know what that is.

  16. thanks for the info. i thought it was a strange call cuz i haven't tried listing my business on google to start off with. plus the robocall said they had been trying to reach me by mail as well. Never got a letter!

  17. Thanks for the insight. If we do the company search from our own computer, doesn't that bring it up as number one due to the computer recognizing our common patterns?

    I get these calls a lot, but never respond to them. Very annoying.

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