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Google censors people trying to write reviews about human trafficking businesses – Traveling Dancer


How does google censorship in China affect Americans directly? Video taken in Chicago, Illinois November 2019. I am a traveling dancer who has visited over 20 states alone, endured multiple kidnapping attempts and witness several business that I suspect of human and sex trafficking that I have tried to write or report about. I cried before making this video and don’t wear makeup because this problem is too raw in America.

Because the best codes for censorship in the world have already been created for the Chinese government, all someone has to to is click a button and transfer the codes here to America. Without us knowing, we are being censored here in the United States.

This became very obvious to me when I attempted to write reviews on google concerning false business fronts and government that were involved in Human Trafficking. Google automatically classified my reviews unrelated to the businesses as false, without considering that the businesses and facilities themselves could be unrelated to the services that they claim they are providing; They could be a front for organized crime. The businesses could be false, not the reviewers. I was not writing false reviews rather, the business was a front for a service that was illegal, concerning sex-trafficking.

There are brilliant minds working for google so I find it hard to believe they could overlook censorship on human trafficking facilities and organized crime businesses. Rather, I believe this was intentional censorship by people with money and power who instructed the programmers to write such short-sighted code on how to regulate google reviews.

Currently, we can’t write about organized crime businesses and businesses we suspect of modern slavery and human trafficking in America on Google Reviews because of their algorithms. Google is censoring in America and this is concerning because in order to fight modern slavery and human trafficking, we need to be able to collaborate and share this information with others who care over the mainstream internet.

It is heartbreaking for people to think they can share and review openly about unethical business that are trafficking people without knowing that their review is being censored. They have no notification of their review being censored, but others won’t be able to view such a concerning topic.

Google, let the American people fight modern slavery and trafficking together by freeing up our speech. The only thing that I believe should be censored on google is spam and excessive profanity. As many people as possible should have a voice because in order to do creative and innovative work, America needs free people, not slaves.

Mace America Great Again!

Pepper Spray should be a normal response to sexual assault and sex trafficking.

Stop sex trafficking American women in America!

(This has nothing to do with Donald Trump, it is just a feminist play off of the slogan).

People should not feel passive and helpless when it comes to sexual assault and attempts of sex trafficking.

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