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Google Chromebook Review: A Student’s Perspective


A college student’s perspective on the Samsung Series 3 Google Chromebook and the pros and cons for school use.

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  1. you can't compare the size of a Chromebook to a Macbook Pro if you wanna make a real comparison it should've been the Macbook Air

  2. Been a chromebook user since september 2015 ( asus flip) and I love it. It's my only computer and it gets the job done and does the job well. It handles everything I want out of a computer but without any hassle or fighting with it. Plus the build quality is excellent (aluminum), keyboard is great, it can flip into a tablet for watching video and casual browsing on the couch and in bed and has a very long battery life and charges quickly. The screen is nice too, it's a ips display and is colorful.

    Price? $280.

    Overall I'd recommend a chromebook to anyone who is thinking of buying a new computer and chrome can cover their needs.

  3. trying to convince my mom that its a good idea to get a Chromebook as a student. love my macbook, but it's just not as portable as I want it to be.

  4. about how long do these devices last? 3-4yrs maybe more? im more interested in hardware specifications. How long the hardware lasts. Depending on the type of work you do with your device the hardware may or may not support that…more hardware intensive work or software..

  5. i love the chromebook. my chromebook does everything that i need. i have autism and i need simple and this chromebook is simple. god bless everyone.

  6. Having a high-spec desktop PC with a decent ultrabook is the best option.
    A Chromebook is… exactly that, Google Chrome in a netbook form factor, nothing more. It's completely useless if you don't have an internet connection and Chrome apps are still extremely limited in their functionality (Good luck trying to play certain video files, let alone run specialised software off of it).

  7. 4 pounds on my back is nothing. I went to school with a magnet (that could fit in my pocket) and swiped it, it would log everyone out. i love it

  8. does anyone know if I would be able to open and edit pdf files and slideshows

  9. You can get your Mac book to stop producing heat by taking out the battery it still works but every time you use it without the battery plug it up in the charger it stops heat and makes the Mac book faster!

  10. But for real, im a programmer.. and i am certainly thinking about buying one for when travelling and a client needs a hotfix.
    Then for software you need to go to a cloud based production enviremont 😉

  11. a old 13" macbook pro? behemoth? lol i carry my 17lb gaming laptop around all day and i don't feel shit
    edit* k it's not 17lbs, but u get the point

  12. I'm looking at going to college for it and I feel that it'd be easier to just stick with Windows. would a person taking it classes be able to get away with using a Chromebook?

  13. 7 Minutes!!! I spent an entire day downloading and installing Windows 10 upgrades. I have a ACER R11 on order.

  14. But can I use stuff like Microsoft word or something like that where I can type work that I can then print

  15. best review 4 years later.
    hulu was a good bit on this video..
    cant wait for qhd on the samsung plus chromebook with gorilla glass 3

  16. Any chromebook users here having lagg and stutter problems opening, scrolling and typing? My wife is trying the r11 and she finds it unusable

  17. Why don't you annotate by opening to another application with google documents? The reason I'm asking this question is, because there is a feature for adding comments. Instead there are many ways you can annotate by printing, using a PDF version and downloading them into your tablet or phone.

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