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Google Glass is a headset with a projected display screen, a digicam and a knowledge relationship that could revolutionize the cellular machine industry. It has also triggered a community uproar around privateness concerns. Is the potential worthy of the threat?
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  1. its too expensive and doesnt even do very much but tell you the weather and take a video or picture…. and the quality of those videos or pictures arent even good. i wont be buying anytime soon, they better up the anty

  2. i like it but the thing is that technology is going never stoping so you will use it and after three month it will be the old model so ya its no any body fault but it is the companies they don't wait the best company is apple every year this is all i could say

  3. So I misunderstood this thing's capabilities; I didn't realize it had no cellular data connection or GPS of it's own.  Basically you need it tethered to your phone, is that correct?
    Oh and 6:42; someone wearing Google Glass would never say those words.

  4. Interesting tech, but it seems, quite frankly, pointless! How hard is it to get out your phone for nav when walking, or listen when driving? Now wonder this tech failed.

    And what were you saying at the end? You had an interesting experience where you could see your wife's face? Im pretty sure you dont need Google Glass to do that.

  5. Honestly, once I saw that legendary video game collection behind this guy, I stopped listening & tried to see how many of these games I have myself…lol

  6. "she could see the beautiful beach and i could see her beautiful face"
    well that's just sweet :>

  7. It's like the new apple watch. Nice device but needs more work before I throw my hard earned money away

  8. wad abt ppl having power on their eyes and don't prefer contacts…google will loose out a ton of potential customers due to this…

  9. I found a used google glass on amazon for about $900 and I am thinking about buying it to go with my pebble time.

  10. This video is still amongst my favorite reviews of all time. Detailed, but easy to follow, honest and presented in a very original way.

  11. My question is where the fuck is this product and why is/was it so exclusive? Does anyone make a knock-off yet??/

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